Thursday, June 29, 2017

At last, Brian Talbert has a classy role model.

This is the man a gay fanboy wants to run a 27-foot altar on wheels in the Charlotte Pride Parade for, complete with another man dressed as the President's wife.

"Congress is a rich man’s game", all right, says Benghazi sleuth, and now I'm gonna get really rich.

“Faced with another 100 to 200 nights a year where my wife’s by herself in Utah and I’m in a cot in Washington, D.C. – as nice as the salary is – I can’t afford to have two places and have a quality of life I’d like to have at this point. Congress is a rich man’s game. If you’re not a multimillionaire – you got dozens and dozens of us that can’t afford two mortgages – kids in college and other types of things. It’s very expensive in Washington DC.” 

-Congressman Jason Chaffetz, on Fox News, June 28, 2017

Jason Chaffez is not, apparently, very bright.

He ran for Congress five times, never gettting less than 66% of the vote, before he realized he hated the place and it cost too much to live there, even though he was dossing on the taxpayers' dime, rent-free- in his congressional office. His salary is $174,000 a year.

In 2016, Chaffetz raised $4,438,000 to win the seat he now says he can't afford to keep through 2018. His biggest single donor was NuSkin International, a multilevel marketing outfit that employed him before he went to Congress.

In his first campaign, Chaffetz pledged the delegates to the state nominating convention he'd spend no money on staff, offices, free meals for them, and all the stuff that make for an easy nomination. He pledged to incur no debt and, once elected, praised himself for sleeping in his office as a mark of his exemplary frugality.

Chaffetz is resigning from Congress tomorrow.

Saturday, he goes to work for Fox News.

Today in Breitbart Fantasy News








Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Birthday: "Glass of water for Mr Grainger!"

Wilberforce Clayborn Humphries, sometimes known as John Inman, was born this day in 1935.

He retired to the eternal Grace Bros. canteen ten years ago.

She's late to the party on this one. A cousin of mine started whining at least a decade ago that HGTV had stolen the joy from watching house-hunting shows by letting the gays on.

Of course, when the President's blowing smoke, it's from clean coal. Cleeean coal.

First, they had to convince her it's not a news app for the hard of hearing, or a hip-hop Sunday morning news show.

Mrs Palin has sued The New York Times for defamation.

As Dr. Okun said in Independence Day, "Mr. President! Wow! This is... what a pleasure. As you can imagine, they... they don't let us out much."

Yesterday, the Secretary of Energy was summoned to present the President's latest week: Energy.

Across the nation, American perked up, and ancient prophecies were retold:

Ars Technica reports:
Perry is also a supporter of nuclear energy. “No clean energy portfolio is truly complete without nuclear power,” Perry added this afternoon. Research into advanced nuclear reactors and small modular reactors, he said, would be “a game changer.” The secretary was vague on details about how exactly the Department of Energy (DOE) would boost the ailing nuclear energy industry—this year, major reactor builder Westinghouse suffered a bankruptcy—but he did offer a few ideas. “One of the things we want to do at Department of Energy is make nuclear energy cool again” to young people who might want to study it, Perry said.
Mostly, Perry came across as a garrulous but entertaining dolt, assuring reporters he is all in for, if cut out of, his department's budget:
The $28 billion budget proposal, which Perry made clear to senators he did not write, would slash funding for energy efficiency, renewable energy and basic science, and would also eliminate research for advanced energy technologies, according to the Associated Press.
The Secretary has never discussed one of the most important issues in his portfolio with his boss (who has been too busy not discussing how to prevent a second Russian cyberattack):
Perry had so much fun he wouldn't get out of the way so Sarah Huckabee Sanders could get back to insulting the press corps:

This was about when Perry started talking about legalizing pot in Colorado.

Perry was finally dragged offstage, as reporters cried, "Come back! Come back!" and one viewer summed up The Rick Perry Energy Experience:


In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as algebra.

-Fran Lebowitz (1950- ), New York author

Hell is Barron Trump's White House summer vacay: "Please, Mom, don't make me have breakfast with him again. All he does is tweet and spew Froot Loops at the TV."

Ann Coulter says the poor will only reach peak self-actualization without health care.

America's Boniest Drag Queen says the GOP's got it all wrong about entitlements:

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

For a coupla guys who say anti-LGBT discrimination doesn't exist, the Benham Bros have spent an awful lot of time getting it written into law.

Curiously, they are not supporters of Albemarle, NC's 
Deplorable Pride microgroup

Joe.My.God reports,

Benham Brothers: Anti-Gay Discrimination Doesn’t Exist

June 27, 2017 Christianists, Crackpots

The Benham brothers have penned a typically insane column for Charisma News, home of many recent witchcraft warnings and anti-witch tutorials. They write: 
A recent headline last week asked the question, “Is it acceptable for Christian business owners to refuse service to gay people?” At first glance, most honest Americans would say, “Of course not!” 
This was our reaction as well, because in our mind we could easily replace the words “gay people” with any number of other folks and answer the question the exact same way: “Of course not! If you’re in business you should serve everyone.” 
But this response doesn’t actually answer the real question, which should be, “Is it acceptable for Christian business owners to be forced by government to service ceremonies, events or messages that are against their beliefs?” 
You see, this conversation or debate over religious liberty has been framed to suggest Christian business owners are refusing to serve gay people in this country—when in actuality nothing could be further from the truth. 
Religious objections in the marketplace have nothing to do with refusing to service people. Rather, they have everything to do with forced participation in ceremonies, messages and events that are against believers’ consciences. 
In our own business, we’ve sold more than 20,000 homes in 14 years across 35 states in this country, and never one time have we refused service to gay people—not once. This is the same story for nearly every Christian business owner in America.
Discrimination against gay people simply does not exist. To say otherwise is disingenuous at best and misleading at worst. Yet the headlines continue, blurring this critical distinction as masses of people are led astray on the issue. 
The Benham brothers, as many of you surely know, are among North Carolina’s leading anti-LGBT activists and have regularly appeared at state and local hearings to testify against LGBT rights on every issue. Their certifiable nutjob father Flip Benham regularly shows up at Pride events to scream abuse over a megaphone.
The Benhams, who motor down from Concord, NC to lecture Charlotte on how to run its business, neglected to mention that in April 2016 they were among the earliest businesses to sign a pledge to support North Carolina's new legalized LGBT discrimination law, HB2.

It was sponsored by, a front group for Art Pope, North Carolina Values Coalition, NC Christian Action League, and a gaggle of lesser groups representing the Republican Party at prayer.

You can see it here. They're the 25th name down.

The Benhams were leading advocates for North Carolina Republicans' 2012 referendum to write marriage discrimination into the state constitution; were leaders in the campaign to pass HB2 last year, and served on Senator Ted Cruz's campaign advisory committee of homophobic religionists.

One can be forgiven why they have put so much effort into legalizing the nonexistent. Any ideas?

President to America: not getting tested for HIV is like grabbing your way through a vagina minefield.

President Trump- who ostentatiously refused to issue an LGBT Pride Month Proclamation in June while lauding Ocean Month and National Home Ownership Month, among others- has skirted the slight by issuing a new proclamation for HIV Testing Day while making no mention of those most affected by it and- presumably- most in need of his advice:

The full text is here. 

Or maybe the President is warning those he thinks most in danger: straight men.

Compared to his past episodes of "braggadociousness" it's a fascinating glimpse of the President's closet of anxieties. 

Torn between the urge to lunge with hands to "grab some pussy" and the fear of what he might find if he caught it, HIV and AIDS apparently exist only as things he worries women will communicate to him.

As People reported last October,
In an unearthed interview from 1997, Donald Trump claimed he was a “brave soldier” for avoiding STDs during his single years in the late ’90s. 
“It’s amazing, I can’t even believe it. I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world, it is a dangerous world out there. It’s like Vietnam, sort of. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider,” Trump said in the interview when Howard Stern asked how he handled making sure he wasn’t contracting STDs from the women he was sleeping with. 
The business-mogul-turned-politician elaborated on the fact in the interview, calling women’s vaginas “potential landmines” and saying “there’s some real danger there.” 
Also appearing on Stern’s show in 1993, Trump bragged about his promiscuous lifestyle while single and stated that men who didn’t go to Vietnam didn’t need to feel guilty because dating during the AIDS epidemic in the ’80s was also dangerous. 
“You know, if you’re young, and in this era, and if you have any guilt about not having gone to Vietnam, we have our own Vietnam — it’s called the dating game,” Trump said to Stern in a 1993 interview. “Dating is like being in Vietnam. You’re the equivalent of a soldier going over to Vietnam.”

The ancient Icelandic prophecy is finally fulfulled: "Örlög þín er að veiða af öldruðum erlendum rokkstjarna."*

Eric Clapton Just Caught the Year's Biggest Salmon in Iceland

by Lauren Steele

Rock & roll legend. World-class guitarist. Record-setting angler? Turns out that Eric Clapton, one of the greatest musicians of all time, is just as good with a fly rod as he is a guitar.

Clapton, while on a fly-fishing trip to Iceland last week, landed a 28-pound salmon on the Vatnsdalsá River, setting the record for reeling in the biggest salmon of the summer. The massive fish measured 42.5 inches. Working with Vatnsdalsá guide Sturla Birginsson, Clapton had to run over half a mile downriver after hooking the monster, and spent two and a half hours reeling it in. The local fishing association enforces a strict catch-and-release policy on the Vatnsdalsá River, but Clapton was able to snap a picture of his record-setting catch before setting it back into the river.

Reeling in this fish was no case of beginner’s luck. Clapton's love for fly-fishing goes back decades — from learning to fish on the Wey River as a school kid in Surrey, England, to utilizing it as a healthy pastime after getting sober 30 years ago. He described his reintroduction to the sport in his book, Clapton: The Autobiography:

“That first summer of my recovery was one of the most beautiful I can remember, perhaps because I was healthy and clean, and I began to rent some trout-fishing days for myself, mostly on stretches of water in the neighborhood that had been specifically stocked for local fisherman… Fishing is an absorbing pastime and has a Zen quality to it. It’s an ideal pursuit for anyone who wants to think a lot and get things in perspective. It was also a perfect way of getting physically fit again, involving as it does a great deal of walking. I would go out at the crack of dawn and often stay out till nighttime… For once I was actually becoming good at something that had nothing to do with guitar playing or music. For the first time in a long time, I was doing something very normal and fairly mundane, and it was really important to me..."


*"Your destiny is to be caught by an elderly foreign rock star."

It's hard for the Just Day No Party to say yes.

That the Republicans have pulled their #DontCare bill from a vote this week is no surprise.

Senators are naturally superior to congresscritters. So like the House, they are being balky at first. They know the bill creates a pot of $320 billion earmarked for their 1%ers. But a few billion shaved off the edge, the big donors will never notice, and if they do, well, it's money well spent to buy the votes needed to put the bill into law and actually create the money Malevolent Turtle McConnell will be splashing around over the July 4 break.

Once all the deals have been struck and the Senate version is passed, the honorables want to know, in advance, they won't just get a cheesy, Paul Ryan kegger. They want an open bar with premium pours, a full buffet, and some ambassadorships to hand out.

The Republicans have a fundamental problem. They don't know how to write, much less pass, a social benefits law. Going back to Social Security, eighty years ago, they have opposed them all. And when they were passed anyway, Republicans have spent decades slurring their beneficiaries and undermining the programs. It's not just the Holy Writ of the Church of Jesus Christ, Republican.

It's genetic.

Aping the best of classical Greek drama, Deplorable Pride's Brian Talbert summons Zeus.

Monday, June 26, 2017

"There's nothing there, folks. First I said there was no involvement by the Russians and if there was, somebody else mighta done it. Remember the 400 pound guy? See? Then I had to bust my ass to assure the Russians I'd make nice and lift the sanctions mean Obama put on them when there was no need 'cause they didn't intervene. Sad. It turns out the Russians did intervene- maybe- so I'm crackin' open a barrel of whoop-ass on Obama for not Putin- putting- enough sanctions on them when I said I knew for a fact they weren't intervening. And the rest is #FakeNews."

The President is so desperate for attention he's started biting himself in the ass:

All other things being equal, who's not embarrassed to be seen with us?

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts posted this today:
Today marks the two year anniversary of the Obergefell v. Hodges decision that led to marriage equality across the United States. 
After Jim Obergefell's husband had a long battle with ALS, Jim wanted to be the spouse listed on his husband's death certificate. His love for his spouse was - and is - a vital part of his identity. 
 In the Supreme Court decision, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote, "the Constitution promises liberty to all within its reach ... to define and express their identity."
Whether we are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, a queer person of color, straight, or identify in a different way; no matter how we worship; no matter our politics; no matter whom we choose to marry; the Constitution gives us the right to define and express who we are. 
As mayor, I have not only a constitutional responsibility, but a moral responsibility to make sure everyone in our community is treated equally regardless of their identity. 
I've brought that message to many facets of our community. Just yesterday, I celebrated the grand opening of Trimurti Temple, a Hindu Temple that joins over 700 places of worship in our city. In the afternoon, I joined the Black Women's Caucus at First Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church and joined Goombay Charlotte for kickball, and last night, I celebrated Eid al-Fitr in Uptown with members of our Muslim community. 
These are simple ways of telling our neighbors that they're important and that they matter to Charlotte. 
Every one of these groups and people is part of our city's identity, and our diversity is one of the reasons so many people continue to choose Charlotte as a place to live, work, and thrive. 
I hope you will join us as we continue to work for equality for all. It's something worth fighting for.
She's had a tough two years. Most people blame her for stuff she can't do much about as a part-time mayor. City departments answer to the city manager, who answers to the city council, two members of which are also running for mayor.

But this post ought to resolve doubts about which candidate LGBT voters should support. Consider these facts:

The Republican candidate, Charlotte City Council member Kenny Smith, says nothing about this today. He supported HB2, too. He has never supported a Charlotte civil rights ordinance that included LGBT Charlotteans.

I'm sure, like all Republicans, he has a gay friend he sort of likes personally while praying for their repentance and salvation.

Vi Lyles, the Democratic City Council President Pro Tem, is silent on Facebook today, too. She hasn't bothered to post anything, about anything, on her Facebook page since March.

Lyles considers herself a pragmatist. That means she was willing to drop transgender protections when they were unpopular. She will support LGBT rights when there is no downside, but she prefers bloviating on other topics.

My state senator, Joel Ford, is a Democrat in name only. Because his district is one the courts have declared unconstitutional because Republicans in Raleigh stacked minority voters a mile high in it to save surrounding Charlotte districts for their supermajority, he has to run on the "D" ticket. Despite his swagger about being a big power in Raleigh, the Mecklenburg Black Political Caucus saw right through all of him.

They endorsed Lyles.

He voted against HB2 but then tried to replace it with a bill so out there even Senate Republican boss Phil Berger couldn't pass it with a 3/5 majority. Then he voted for HB 128, the 2017 fake repeal of HB2.

He also voted for the 2015 spite law- rushed through after the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision, to let state magistrates stiff-arm same-sex couples seeking civil marriage ceremonies.

If you're an LGBT voter, though, contrast Mayor Roberts' post today with Ford's silence, then read this Charlotte Observer editorial about how Ford acts when challenged by a gay man:


If there’s one thing we’ve learned these past 12 months, it’s that people have wildly different expectations about the behavior of their elected officials. Used to be that although we like our leaders to be fighters, we didn’t really want them to hit below the belt. Then Donald Trump ran for president, and all the rules went away.

We still believe some lines shouldn’t be crossed, however, and we think N.C. Sen. Joel Ford just stepped over a few. Ford, who’s running for Charlotte mayor, posted a distasteful photo Tuesday night during a Twitter conversation that included a couple of critics. The post was unbecoming of someone who says he’d like to lead our city. We wonder now if he’s ready for the responsibility.

Here’s the background: Late Tuesday, Ford joined a Twitter conversation because one of the participants called him “homophobic.” That’s fine – public officials and private citizens shouldn’t hesitate to defend their reputations, although we might have opted for something different than Ford’s response, which was a GIF of a person looking confused.

As happens often on Twitter, someone else joined in – in this case, Charlotte LGBT advocate Matt Comer, who has been critical of Ford on LGBT issues in the past. Comer, in his tweet, said he preferred former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory’s “cold shoulder” to Ford’s GIFs and memes.

Ford’s response: A video clip of a dog defecating on the ground.

Ford, contacted by the editorial board Wednesday, says he sees more than that: “It is a dog who is being creative, who doesn’t want to get wet or cold, using the bathroom.”

Ford also said he made the post because “I’m not anti-LGBTQ or homophobic.”

(Update, 12:10 p.m.: Ford has deleted the tweet. He also posted an apology in which he reiterated that he “fully supports LGBTQ rights and equality,” but said of his tweet: “It was inappropriate and for that I am sorry.”

His campaign manager, Dakota Cary, told WFAE that Ford’s campaign will consider creating a list of approved GIFs for him to use.)

Certainly, we understand it’s not pleasant to be criticized, especially when you believe it’s unfair. We also understand the temptation that Twitter offers for snarky responses to snarky barbs. But a North Carolina senator needs to resist that easy satisfaction, and a prospective mayor of Charlotte needs to understand that criticism is a part of the job. In fact, it will be more frequent and more biting than what Ford faced Tuesday. Is he equipped to respond the way a leader – or even just an adult – should?

Let them bring their own cake.

From Marginal Revolution, a meditation on a study showing the US already spends less on health care for the poor than the wealthy:

1. You still might feel we are neglecting the health care of the poor, but I am not sure the majority of the American public would react that way, upon hearing these numbers.  Usually the poor get less of things, as measured by expenditures, even if they might “need” it more.  Health care is an exception to what is otherwise a pretty general rule.  I believe it should be such an exception, but to what degree?  I see a lot of pretty aggressive intuitions out there, mostly without serious justification or without any presentation of what the stopping point should be.

2. Those numbers don’t prove anything, least of all normatively.  Still, they do point my attention in the direction of wondering — yet again — if public health programs are not better than spending more on health care coverage of the poor.  Let’s stop or at least limit poor people from getting sick so many more times.

3. That poor people get sick more times, how much of this is a) poor environment including higher stress and exposure to crime, b) genes, c) inability to afford proper preventive care, d) bad decision-making, including diet, lifestyle, and exercise, and e) sickness causing poverty, and f) other factors.  I know of plenty of individual papers on these topics, but would it go over well to write an “apportionment” paper doling out the relative responsibilities?

4. How much should our decisions on the best health care policy depend on the answer to #3?  How many people are even willing to talk about this right now?

No accident forgiveness here.

Senator Ron Johnson says if you have a pre-existing condition, it's like you crashed your car. Your rates will go up.

They come to believe the abuse is all their fault, and forgive because he invites them to his place for keggers.

Lord Patten- variously a British MP, cabinet minister, chair of the Conservative Party and the BBC, last governor of Hong Kong, EU Commissioner, and Chancellor of Oxford University, has written a memoir.

Comparing the three prime ministers for whom he worked, Patten compared Sir John Major to the bullying ideologue who preceded him, and in so doing explains the passivity of US Republicans in Congress today:
“John was one of the most decent people ever to lead the Conservative party… He actually listened to other opinions… But its senior members had got used to being roughed up, and seemed to find it difficult to summon the grace to behave well when they were themselves treated like grown ups.”

Today the Supreme Court lit the fuse on a bomb Neil Gorsuch built four years ago tomorrow.

Today, after listing the case on its review calendar nineteen times without making a decision, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case about whether people who provide wedding services to the public can ignore anti-discrimination law when potential customers are gay or lesbian.

Jack Phillips, who runs a bakery in the Denver suburbs, kicked off the case when he kicked out a gay couple wanting to order a cake for their ceremony. A state administrative agency found he violated state nondiscrimination law.

Waldo considered the Masterpiece Cakeshop on its merits when it was just an administrative ruling in July 2014. There weren't any martyrs whipping the issues into a lucrative frenzy back then; nationwide marriage equality was still eleven months away.

It makes interesting reading. We were all focused, then, on the recently-issued Hobby Lobby case in the US Supreme Court, which held invalid Obamacare's contraception provisions for employee insurance, on grounds corporations are people, too, and can have religious views.

That raised the question whether laws like the federal and state religious freedom restoration acts had just been turned from a shield into a sword with which Christianists could nullify any law or court ruling they pleased, because Bible.

Masterpiece Cakeshop, whose case the Court will hear next fall after today's ruling, is a Colorado case. The Court's Hobby Lobby decision three years ago upheld a Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in which a then-little-known judge called Neil Gorsuch wrote a concurring opinion. As NPR noted during his confirmation hearing in March 2017,

One of his most controversial opinions involved Hobby Lobby, a chain of craft stores that employs 13,000 full-time employees, most of them women. The company challenged the federal law requiring for-profit corporations to provide health insurance plans that cover birth control.

Gorsuch and a majority of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the corporation had a religious right not to provide birth control coverage. A sharply divided U.S. Supreme Court would later agree, ruling for the first time that certain for-profit corporations have protected religious rights.

What makes this case particularly interesting is a concurring opinion that Gorsuch wrote about the corporate owners' rights.

"All of us face the problem of complicity," he wrote. "All must answer ... to what degree we are willing to be involved in the wrongdoing of others." Here, he noted, the owners believe that for their company providing insurance that includes coverage for birth control drugs or devices "violates their faith."

In many ways, he continued, "this case is a tale of two statutes." One, the Affordable Care Act, compels the owners to provide such inclusive health coverage. The other, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, "says they need not." And the "tie-breaker," Gorsuch said, is the religious protection law because it is a "super-statute" that trumps others, except in special circumstances.

Gorsuch critics disagree with his assessment.

"To what extent do people with religious beliefs have to follow the law if they believe it violates their conscience? What is the outer limit of that?" asks Caroline Fredrickson of the liberal American Constitution Society. "I think that's a potentially very frightening direction for the law to go."

Indeed, there are a variety of such legal clashes working their way up to the Supreme Court right now. One case pending before the court tests whether a bakery can refuse to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.

Melissa Hart, director of the University of Colorado's Byron R. White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law, knows and respects Gorsuch, who also teaches at the school in Boulder. Still, she understands the wariness about his views on religious freedom.

"I think it's reasonable for people to look at Hobby Lobby and, for those who support marriage equality, to be concerned," she says.

Justice Gorsuch earns his pay

The Great New Justice writes the dissent for himself, Thomas, and Alito.

Birth certificates are not tied to marriage, it seems, since they can be granted to the offspring of the unmarried.

By that logic, declare the Three Horsemen, they can be denied to same-sex couples who are legally married even as they are given without thought to opposite-sex couples who are also legally married and give birth within minutes, in the same place, anywhere in Arkansas.

It's an elegant example of how a nominee for the Court can say marriage equality is settled law, then start sharpening his scalpels once installed in his chambers.

"Let me explain something to you. Um, I am not "Mr. Lebowski". You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing."

Brian Talbert now says gay Trump supporters will play "Where's Waldo?" at 2017 parade

Brian Talbert, who calls himself Deplorable Pride, writes in his semi-literate internet welfare beg,
We plan on using the money for any legal means neseccery to insure that the hypocrisy  is exposed and finally corrected.  I plan on  the money being held in an accoun t until we need it for use in educating or legally demostrating  our right to fix this wrong.   
As Talbert knows, his $100,000 scam is already a failure:

So as of this morning, he's given up on it, though he's not refunding any of the money (he just promises he will spend it on something "legal." Since contributions are legally considered gifts, Talbert can legally shove the $7525 he's conned into his own pocket and none of the rubes who gave it can do a thing about it. #MAGA, y'all!).

He's calling on Charlotte-area Trump supporters to line the August 27 Pride Parade route and show the Cheeto-in-Chief their love:

Talbert has pretty much played out earning free media, and his boycott of Charlotte Pride sponsors never went anywhere. 

Only one even bothered to respond, as the blogger Joe.My.God noted:
Wells Fargo, the presenting sponsor of Charlotte Pride, has essentially told the homocons to go fuck themselves.
After all, Wells Fargo rode out Franklin Graham pulling his $100 million-a-year account for being too pro-LGBT to suit the noisiest of Rev. Billy's embarrassing children.

The Pride sponsors Talbert targets for his shopping scorn reported combined 2016 revenues of $210 billion.

Talbert claims fifty people politely invaded a Starbucks in Charlotte's tony Dilworth neighborhood Saturday.

The most you can see in any of the photos he posted on Facebook is twenty.

So today Talbert- still sitting on donors' $7250, he says- is calling on Trump supporters to turn out- free, on a Sunday morning, and line "every foot" of the three-quarter-mile Parade route with Trump fanboys and girls bearing signs declaring their support (for the President's birthday, Talbert posted on Facebook, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Donald J. Trump! We love you! #happybirthdaymrpresident #happybirthdaypresidenttrump #happybirthday").

Long gone is Talbert's claim that the bone he's trying to pick with Charlotte Pride is over the inclusion of LGBT Republicans in the parade.

He wants it to be a free media opp for a pep rally for The Donald.

The odds are not good. The Washington Post has a project underway tracking pro and anti-Trump rallies every month.

In May The Post reported 495 protests across America. Two to five percent were pro-Trump. One in Spokane, WA June 24 drew 200; an #AltRight DC rally for Trump- led by White Nationalist leader Richard Spencer- drew about 100. It was one of two pro-Trump rallies in Washington at the weekend.

60,000 attended last year's parade to watch 140 marching contingents and over 3500 individuals. The overall festival was attendance was 130,000.

In 2016 President Trump got 39.2% of the vote in Mecklenburg County. He continues to not express support for Deplorable Pride.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Today's an awkward day for Charlotte's Deplorable Pride.

This is the last weekend of LGBT Pride Month. Most of America's big cities are seeing their parades today. 

Charlotte Pride- which doesn't roll through until August 26-27- occupies a unique space among America's Pride festivals and parades: it's the only one Republicans are trying to get into, not as far from as possible.

And here, it's only two of them- white male Republicans both- led by a grifter who claims 100% transparency and truthfulness raising money for an undisclosed purpose in his personal capacity, who blocks those who ask about his plans from comment in social media.

Everywhere else in America, Republicans feel no need whatever to be in LGBT parades. 

It's been that way for decades. Just ask the lesbian Republican who sat on the platform committee at the GOP convention last year.

Not even President Trump, adolatry of whose magisterial orangeness drives Deplorable Pride leader Brian Talbert and his follower to shill for him, thinks enough of them to issue a Pride Month proclamation this year, never mind tossing so little as some tweet-crumbs of encouragement to Talbert's rejected 27-foot Trump Altar on wheels.

That must be pretty galling, realizing that your tribe's signature month ranks- even in the estimation of your god-king- lower than Father's Day, Flag Day, National Flag Week, National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, African-American Music Appreciation Month, National Home Ownership Month, and Ocean Month.

That's reason enough to Charlotte Pride to deny DP a parade permit: they are not recognized by local, state or national leaders of the party and ideology DP wants to represent in the parade. 

They only represent themselves, all two of them.

Deplorable Pride joins groundbreaking all-white march to integrate Dilworth Starbucks: "We have every right to order overpriced, status-symbol drinks. We're Trump people. We have more money."

Brian Talbert, Deplorable Pride's alter ego, tagged this post, "DeplorablePride was honored to be a part of this sit in and truly blessed for the new friendships that we made. #MAGA."

He wasn't interviewed, nor was DP mentioned. But it was media!

Talbert- really stoked, man- bared some teeth in another post:

Talbert is visible, far left, in the brown shirt: a walk-in part.

Meantime, Deplorable Pride continues relentlessly attacking the people Talbert demands to be accepted by in the name of acceptance and unity and diversity.

The DP YouTube show is set to start June 26.

Nobody's given Talbert any money the last 24 hours.

President Trump continues to ignore him.