Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pence puts the 'mo in 'bromance': The Veep describes his Adonis

Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine:

Many foreign-policy specialists have raised questions about Donald Trump’s knowledge of world affairs. But these foreign-affairs experts, like most experts, tend to be dweebs trapped by their excessively complex and precious models. Mike Pence has a different view of how foreign affairs works — a simpler, more rugged view, with distinct homoerotic overtones. As Pence once explained, Ronald Reagan’s “broad-shouldered leadership inspired my life.” Pence’s shoulder-width-based model of foreign-policy-making has guided him throughout his career. And it has given him confidence that Donald Trump is endowed with sufficient collarbone spacing to ensure a successful tenure on the world stage.

July 15, 2016: “Donald Trump is going to provide the kind of broad-shouldered American leadership on the world stage that I think will make the world a more stable place.”

July 17, 2016: “One of the reasons why I said yes in a heartbeat to run with this man, is because he embodies American strength, and I know that he will provide that kind of broad-shouldered American strength on the global stage as well.”

July 29, 2016: “To be around Donald Trump is to be around a man with broad shoulders …”

August 14, 2016: “He’s a man with broad shoulders, he’s got a clear vision, he’s strong.”

August 14, 2016: “I think you’re going to be ready, Chris, for a vision, but also for real specifics about how new leadership in the White House, a change of direction in the White House and the kind of broad-shouldered leadership that Donald Trump will bring is going to make our country more safe.”

August 28, 2016: “As I am traveling all over the country, people are coming up to me. They are responding to Donald Trump’s broad-shouldered, plainspoken leadership that we can make America great again, we can be strong on the world stage, we can have an economy that works for every American.”

August 31, 2016: “I think it shows the kind of broad-shouldered leader he is. He’s willing to sit down with whom he may have strong differences of opinion to look for things we can work on together and begin the process of discussions.”

September 23, 2016: “Well, I said today at — at the church gathering where we were before, this is a broad-shouldered leader, but he’s also a man that’s impatient with failure.”

Sept 26, 2016: “Look, Donald Trump’s got broad shoulders. He’s able to make his case and make a point.”

October 4, 2016: “We have got to lean into this with strong, broad-shouldered, American leadership.”

December 4, 2016: “— with broad shoulders, who’s going to advance America’s interest. But he’s also going to be engaging the world on behalf of America.”

December 4, 2016: “And I think the American people want — are encouraged, rather, George, to see that President-elect Trump is — is taking calls from the world, speaking to the world. They know he’s going to be out there advancing America’s interests first with that broad-shouldered leadership that’s characterized his entire life.”

January 27, 2017: “Our President is a man with broad shoulders and a big heart.”

March 1, 2017: “What the American people saw is the president I serve with every day — broad shoulders, a big heart.”

March 19, 2017: Trump “has broad shoulders, but he’s a got a big heart.”

August 15, 2017: Trump “brought the kind of broad-shouldered leadership to the world stage” [that was lacking in previous presidents with presumably narrower shoulders.]

August 22, 2017: “Criticism comes with this job, and this president has the kind of broad shoulders to be able to take it.”


Another #MAGA-making legislative triumph lost in the blare of fake news:

In a century, from The War to End All Wars to the War That Won't End

How Green Was My Rally: Trumpers sub Cleveland for #MAGAgroupies' desert meltdown

From AzCentral, that size thing they can't shake:

Waldo's Weekly Wordle

What we were obsessing over this past week:

As the King of Gath so often wailed, "Do I have such a shortage of lunatics that you bring this man so that he can show me he is insane? Does this man have to come into my house?"

For a man obsessed by stagecraft and keeping all eyes upon himself, the *resident is a big FAIL when it comes to choosing the rallyists he lets be parked behind him on stage.

Chanters, hollerers, Jack Sprat and his wife, people who can chew gum after death, tacky dressers, ultramaroons and mountebanks- they exert a compelling distraction, pulling the TV audience's eyes inexorably away from the Manhattan Mussolini's ravings.

Prior to attending the rally Thursday, Paulus was indicted on 11 counts of fraud in September 2015, with federal prosecutors stating he performed medically unnecessary heart procedures, including catheterization and inserting stents, on patients at King’s Daughters Medical Center in Ashland, Kentucky, between 2008 and 2013, according to the indictment filed in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Kentucky. U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey said Paulus would then bill Medicaid, Medicare and patients’ private insurers for the needless procedures. 
In the indictment, Harvey said Paulus performed more cardiac stent placements for Medicare patients than were performed by all of the cardiologists at either the University of Kentucky or University of Louisville health care systems, making roughly $2.5 and $2.6 million annually in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In 2012, Paulus made $1.7 million, and he made $692,197 in 2013. 
The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure received an anonymous grievance alleging fraud, abuse and negligence against Paulus in November 2012, according to the indictment. 
He retired from King’s Daughters effective July 31, 2013, according to the indictment. Paulus’ medical license has been inactive since 2014, according to Board of Medical Licensure records, and Paulus and the board entered into an agreed order of retirement, which was filed Nov. 7, 2014. 
In October 2016, Paulus was convicted of needlessly performing the procedures and charging insurers, and Paulus sought acquittal shortly thereafter, with his attorney, Robert Bennett, arguing federal prosecutors failed to provide enough evidence in the case, according to the Ashland Daily Independent. 
In March 2017, Paulus was acquitted of the charges, and his previously scheduled April 25 sentencing hearing was canceled. 
The Independent also reported King’s Daughters Medical Center agreed to pay the government $40.9 million to settle claims, but hospital officials admitted no wrongdoing and agreed to internal reforms.
The Washington Post has a fascinating story up about last night's zany, Michael the Black Man:

The radical fringe activist from Miami once belonged to a violent black supremacist religious cult, and he runs a handful of amateur, unintelligible conspiracy websites. He has called Barack Obama “The Beast” and Hillary Clinton a Ku Klux Klan member. Oprah Winfrey, he says, is the devil. 
Most curiously, in the 1990s, he was charged, then acquitted, with conspiracy to commit two murders. 
But Michael the Black Man loves President Trump. And President Trump’s campaign apparently loves him right back.
Michael the Black Man- the only nonwhite face visible on the risers behind the *resident- may become even more valuable, though.

His other black supporter is facing existential doubt:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

With Bannon back, Breitbart's planned war revealed to be against facts

Caught out, Breitbart editors published a defensive correction and substituted a photo of a lot of black men near some water:
Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story included an image of Lukas Podolski on a jet ski. This image appeared as an illustration of a person on a jet ski. Breitbart London wishes to apologise to Mr. Podolski. There is no evidence Mr. Podolski is either a migrant gang member, nor being human trafficked. We wish Mr. Podolski well in his recently announced international retirement.
Lucas Podolski is a German soccer star.

Nazis,look closely. It's called a double entendre, and it was invented by a socialist. A French one.

The Deplorable Pride Death Watch, Day 7: Trump is not your deus ex machina. His staff forgot you as soon as they hung up.

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The Charlotte Observer, June 28, 2017:

President Donald Trump’s staff has taken notice of a Republican LGBT group in Charlotte that was banned this month from participating in the city’s annual gay pride parade.

The Mecklenburg County Republican Party said the White House Office of Political Affairs contacted Deplorable Pride on Monday with questions about the organization’s political activities in Charlotte.

Brian Talbert, co-founder of Deplorable Pride, described the call as a show of support. But he said the conversation concluded with questions about Charlotte Pride’s refusal to allow his group’s tongue-in-cheek float in the city’s pride parade this summer.

The 27-foot-long float would have included a female impersonator dressed as first lady Melania Trump, surrounded by a handful of other female impersonators wearing blue-sequined “Make America Great Again” evening gowns.

“I was told to expect a call from the White House, but I still just about fell over when I got it,” said Talbert. “They asked me to email them everything I could on what happened (with the parade). I was told: ‘The president is going to want to see this.’ ”

The call was initiated, he said, because White House staff wanted to laud the group for joining a sit-in staged Saturday at a Starbucks, where the staff had mocked a customer wearing a Trump T-shirt. The sit-in, which involved about 50 people, got media coverage across the country.

Talbert said the White House call was about Trump “giving credit where credit is due.”

“It definitely re-affirmed what I thought about the type of man he is,” said Talbert.

Charlotte Pride’s rejection of the group’s parade entry also got widespread coverage, and critics raised questions about the festival’s commitment to inclusion and free speech.

Said a story in Newsweek: “The right to be gay is all but settled as a legal matter these days, and transgender acceptance has been dramatically increasing. One might expect, then, that the pride parades of summer might start to grow less political and more like other cultural celebrations. Apparently not.”

Charlotte Pride defended the decision in a statement from its board: “In the past, we have made similar decisions to decline participation from other organizations espousing anti-LGBTQ religious or public policy stances. Charlotte Pride envisions a world in which LGBTQ people are affirmed, respected, and included in the full social and civic life of their local communities, free from fear of any discrimination, rejection, and prejudice.”

The group also says there were discrepancies in the Deplorable Pride’s application.

Officials with the Mecklenburg County Republican Party said this week that they are supporting Deplorable Pride, which has about a dozen members, gay and straight.

“It’s a shame that a community once known for its inclusiveness is excluding their own based on political views,” said the county’s Republican Party spokesman, James Tatro.

Talbert said he received threats over the parade float controversy, including an email from someone who wanted to “cut off my head.” All have been turned over to the authorities, he said.

“You are not going to stop hearing from Deplorable Pride,” Talbert said. “I’ll be honest: I’ve enjoyed exposing the bigoted hypocrisy of the left. We (the LGBT community) have gone from being oppressed to being the oppressor in less than 50 years.”

Tatro has made no comment about Talbert's August 19 comment about the people he once claimed he wanted to have serious dialogue with. Now he just wants to crush all the gays except in his phone-booth sized Trump fan club:

7 days? A lot.

Merriam-Webster's most-looked-up words over the last 24 hours online:










Saturday, August 19, 2017

Things The Ark Experience doesn't explain about when men and dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Jack of all principles, master of none.

If self-loathing was an Olympic sport, Deplorable Pride would sweep the gold medals with perfect 10s

A week from Charlotte Pride, the Stanly County, NC gay Trump fanboy microgroup Deplorable Pride has failed at every single thing it has promises in a farcical two-month campaign for media attention by its "leader," Brian Talbert.

Here we see, as he flops about trying to gin up a post-Charlottesville minimarch next Sunday, just what he thinks of his own.

It's the ultimate affirmation of why Charlotte Pride turned down his parade float. As they said in an early June statement,

"Charlotte Pride reserves the right to decline participation at our events to groups or organizations which do not reflect the mission, vision and values of our organization, as is acknowledged in our parade rules and regulations by all groups at the time of their parade application. In the past, we have made similar decisions to decline participation from other organizations espousing anti-LGBTQ religious or public policy stances.

"Charlotte Pride envisions a world in which LGBTQ people are affirmed, respected and included in the full social and civic life of their local communities, free from fear of any discrimination, rejection, and prejudice.  

Charlotte Pride invites all individuals, groups, organizations and causes which share our values to join our community's celebration of the LGBTQ community, history, arts and culture during the Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade, Aug. 26-27, 2017."

Martin Niemoller spent seven years in Nazi concentration camps. Deplorable Pride's Brian Talbert is simply a delusional plagiarist.

The quote Talbert uses without attribution was written by Martin Niemoller, a German minister. He wrote it in 1946, and originally mentioned Communists. The text has often been altered by people wanting to use it to suit their own needs.

Niemoller (1892-1984) became a world-renowned peace activist. Talbert wants pre-emptive nuclear war on North Korea.

Niemoller was president of the World Council of Churches. You will struggle to find any religious content in Talbert's Facebook tantrums and self-glorifications.

Niemoller built a chapel at Dachau and guided visitors through his experience as a detainee. Talbert hasn't really done squat with his life. He also despises socialists, trade unionists, and, by associating himself unreservedly with the President's attaboys to Nazis, the Klan, and Christianists last week, can't think much of the Jews, either. That makes claiming gay conservatives are about to meet the same fate uniquely stupid, even by DP's published standard.

Sixteen satanic eclipses, half before America was America. And this one is the last straw?

There are three irrefutable markers for IDing a total dumbass.

1. Be named Bryan Fischer.

2. Work for the American Family Association.

3. Both 1 and 2. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Like mendicant priests seeing the Vatican and drawing all the wrong lessons.


The Salvation Army, the American Red Cross and Susan G. Komen on Friday joined a growing exodus of organizations canceling plans to hold fundraising events at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, deepening the financial impact to President Trump’s private business amid furor over his comments on Charlottesville.

The Red Cross said it would cancel its annual fundraiser at the club because “it has increasingly become a source of controversy and pain for many of our volunteers, employees and supporters,” the charity said in a statement Friday.

Susan G. Komen, the nation’s largest breast-cancer fundraising group, said Friday it would seek another venue after hosting its “Perfect Pink Party” gala at Mar-a-Lago every year since 2011.

And the Salvation Army, which has held a gala at the club every year since 2014, said in a statement that it would not hold its event there “because the conversation has shifted away” from its mission of helping those in need.

Of course, they are led by the author of 17 books he didn't write.

“I read passages, I read areas, chapters, I don’t have the time,” Trump said.

Sex & Schism: having a beard is supposed to mean you don't need a beard.*

Patheos, August 18, 2017:

Romanian Orthodox Bishop Resigns After Gay Sex Tape Comes Out


The New York Post, June 21, 2017:


*Slang (US); popular among family values conservatives.

So much for "the liberal media." Hugh Hewitt whores himself out on MSNBC every week.

Hugh: intellectual service model, Mike Pence replicant series. Incept date: February 22, 1955. Post-Voight-Kampff test immunity from v.6 memory implants (George F. Will module minute baseball chip) indeterminate end date.

Aside from these Trump tweets being a lie going and coming (we're in existential danger but we've never been safer), it's worth noting that this has been achieved without an inch of Mexican wall, either way.

Good news! In ten more years, I will make sense.

Omarosa persists.

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-and the more toxic the Trump White House is, the worse the replacements will be.

The *resident launches a search for new arts commission members.

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