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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Robert Frost was wrong about home.

     At Good As You, Jeremy Hooper sums up the religious bile the Republican Party sought- and North Carolina's evangelical communities grimly provided:

Screen Shot 2012-05-08 At 6.25.54 Pm

     "After months of covering this campaign," he writes, "this pic actually serves as a good visual summation of what I have seen. I've never encountered a state campaign so nakedly based in personal faith, or a team—and by team, I mean people officially working on the campaign—so willing to condemn LGBT people as [insert synonym for "broken"]. I've never heard so much hostility from so many preachers. As a legally married gay man (and a Southern native, to boot), I've never felt so personally spurned by or unwanted in any of the many other states that I've tracked.
     "I take absolutely no pleasure in noting this reality. But it is reality, sadly."

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