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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Act, not think

Hat tip to Jamie Sanderson for this book featuring one of one of South Carolina's Congressional Know-Nothings:

Rep. Jeff Duncan is 'hot-blooded' in Robert Draper's 'Do Not Ask What Good We Do'

Robert Draper's Do Not Ask What Good We Do is an essential piece of reading when wanting a high-powered, inside look into the 122th session of the United States House of Representatives.

Even better, Draper follows five "hot-blooded GOP freshmen" and their persistent anti-government agenda.

One being South Carolina's own Rep. Jeff Duncan. Duncan is listed third in appearance in Draper's "cast of characters."

"Jeff Duncan was a Tea Party freshman," the book says. "That's what he called himself."

The attention to detail with Duncan is superb. You, as the reader, will learn a lot in regards to what drives this congressman and his anti-government patterns. More, it will provide the background on why he's itching to make a name for himself, specifically with his recent questions/comments toward former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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