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Friday, January 10, 2014

"My old man is a television repairman - he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it."

Two Carolinas congresscritters are among 27 cosponsoring  a bill to quarantine same-sex marriages in the godless states that allow them.

Rep. Randy Weber, a former air conditioner repairman who succeeded the almost as nutty Ron Paul, wants to limit marriage recognition to couples who get married in the state where they live.

Nothing personal, it seems, just we don't want no fags gays parachuting into nearby states and comin' back to Texas claiming to be husband and...uh...whatever.

The Carolina couple (no, not literally) is SC 7 GOPer Tom Rice; his cohort to the North is 9th District Rep. Robert Pittenger.

Wonkette's riposte:

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