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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jumpin' in with both tennis shoes

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is making an 11th hour plunge into the North Carolina Senate race, aiming to boost his preferred candidate and block the GOP establishment’s favorite, state House Speaker Thom Tillis, from scoring a clean win in Tuesday’s primary. 
The Kentucky Republican and potential presidential candidate said in an interview that he will stump on Monday for Republican Greg Brannon, a libertarian-minded candidate who is trying to ride a tea party wave into a runoff against Tillis, who is backed by the party establishment and is reportedly expected to receive the endorsement of Jeb Bush. Tillis is looking to avoid a runoff in North Carolina and quickly unite the party in the critical Senate race against Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan.

Like Paul, a doctor, Brannon's just the sort of right-wing wacky-bird John McCain denounced and Rand Paul supports every time after his obligatory bushwah about new views and gettin' jiggy wit' da young voters.

Brannon's said he wants to be a senator in the mold of Jesse Helms. He wants to abolish the Department of Agriculture, and says bipartisan congressional legislation enslaves Americans.

Rather than issue food stamps, Brannon wants to teach poor North Carolinians "how to fish."

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