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Saturday, April 12, 2014

So far he's been right about one thing.

"I see....changes coming."

-In 2012 North Carolinians voted by a 22 point margin to ban gay marriage in the state. Now less than 2 years later voters say they oppose gay marriage by only 13 points, mirroring the kind of movement we've seen on the issue across the country. 40% say they think it should be legal to 53% who continue to think it should be illegal. Showing the direction things are headed in on the issue, 62% of young voters support it to only 33% who believe it should be illegal. 
There is increasingly little division among voters in the state about whether gay couples should at least have some sort of legal rights in the form of civil unions. 62% support either marriage or civil unions for same sex couples to only 34% who think they should have no legal recognition at all. 68% of both Democrats and independents support at least civil unions, and even Republicans narrowly do by a 50/48 spread.
No comment so far by NC House Speaker and GOP US Senate candidate Thom Tillis, who urged votes to pass the 2012 measure out of one side of his mouth while predicting out of the other side that it would be overturned within a generation. 

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