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Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's only politics, it's not like I have principles or anything

MSNBC's got a fun article up on the 7 craziest GOP candidates for office this election year (Waldo, typing furiously in his bath, snorted, "Only seven?"). One, however, is a local:
Thom Tillis: The speaker of the North Carolina House won the GOP Senate primary in what is being seen as a big victory for establishment Republicans. Tillis – endorsed by Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush – will now face Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, who remains one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents. Tillis, who has focused much of his campaign tying Hagan to President Obama’s controversial healthcare law, has taken extreme views on a number of issues, including climate change, voter ID laws, drug testing and abortion restriction. Last month he said he didn’t believe climate change was a fact, and he has helped push some of the state’s conservative abortion and voter ID laws. He’s also said North Carolina should consider drug testing recipients of welfare.
MSNBC omitted what's almost surely Tillis' most candidly boneheaded moment: when he opined, in 2012, that North Carolina's constitutional amendment banning marriage equality would be overturned within twenty years, but folks should vote for it anyway.

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  1. Are you kidding me? North Carolina alone has seven GOP candidates that are case studies in either shocking ignorance and stupidity or mental pathology.

    Old Jill