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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No gettin' confused by the facts here

Former SC Senator Jim De Mint, who went native last year -after denouncing the lure of power and mammon for years- by joining the Heritage Foundation as president, is setting up a Kool-Aid stand for his flat-earthers:
The Heritage Foundation, a powerful right-wing think tank, is planning to launch a new news service that will cater to a conservative audience, sources familiar with the organization's plans told POLITICO on Wednesday. 
Heritage will officially announce the project on Thursday in an embargoed report by Bloomberg News, the sources said.  
This is not Heritage's first crack at the news business:  To date, Heritage has housed a blog called "The Foundry," which writes and aggregates stories -- chiefly about Obama administration shortcomings and Republican legislative efforts -- but it is far from a consistent news outlet. That blog is headed by Katrina Trinko, who joined Heritage from National Review in December.


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