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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Zen Candidate

Entering the home stretch and completing the debate hurdles of the past week, we have finally converted a tortoise race into a hare sprint for the May 6 finish line among the GOP Senate candidates. 
In the three debates, Heather Grant, whom most would consider in fourth place, argued for what she called a “citizen legislator.” And while there were flashes of passion and conviction through the first two debates, she stated in the final one that “for me this race is not about being the next senator.”
Apparently, Grant is waiting for The One Great Voter:
As I have sat back and contemplated who will help us to move forward in the right direction, it has become clear that God has a new job for me. Just as I felt God had used my injury to place me as the Behavioral Healthcare Case Management Branch Chief while on Active Duty, I feel He is calling me to use my experiences and talents to help our State and Nation. 

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