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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time to take off the training wheels

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s first months on the job were trying ones. 
It was legislators from his own party who drove major policy debates on everything from abortion rights to voter identification in 2013, often leaving the new governor little more than a spectator. 
“Clearly, the first year the legislature set the agenda much more than McCrory did,” says Ferrel Guillory, a political analyst at UNC Chapel Hill.Now, as lawmakers head back to Raleigh on Wednesday for their short session, McCrory promises to be more of a policy force. 
“We will probably be more assertive than in our first year, which I frankly thought was extremely assertive,” McCrory says. “We had a heck of a good first year, but now I think we can take even more initiatives.”

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