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Friday, June 13, 2014

It's the time of year for SC Governor Nikki Haley's annual display of spleen and philistinism: her token vetoes in the state budget.

Of $8.5 billion in the general fund spending plan, Governor Haley surgically spited $18.5 million's worth of projects she thinks are bad, sinful or don't fit into her magical, if undefined, concept of The Core Concepts of Government. She still dislikes museums, parks, and children's playgrounds. But as she's up for re-election, she let public broadcasting escape the knife for a season.

Still, there was some good news in her riposte to the Uniparty over at the Capitol:
The governor upheld a budget item that requires the College of Charleston and University of South Carolina-Upstate to spend a total of $70,000 to teach the U.S. founding documents. Legislators doled out that punishment because the schools assigned two gay-themed books to freshmen last year. 
Haley said she said appreciated the compromise reached by lawmakers, who originally cut the money.

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