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Friday, June 27, 2014

Who says all Republicans are rigid, judgmental sexual prudes?

Man Arrested For Masturbating-To-Engines Spree Running For State House

Saginaw resident Jordan Haskins is a 24-year-old Republican candidate for Michigan's state house. He also has a criminal record dating back to when he was 15. Having a felony can't stop someone from running for office in Michigan (just ask Flint), but the type of felony may cause some voters to think twice.
Haskins' record begins with a break-in charge that landed him in a juvenile detention facility for two days. He racked up six more offenses between North Carolina and Michigan and has been in and out of prison. Two of those offenses include breaking into a local mosquito control property in Saginaw County, removing spark-plug wires from vehicles there and masturbating to the sounds of the engine, according to MLive.
"Jordan would remove the spark plug wires and sit in the car and masturbate while the motor was sparking and making noises," the police report states.
Haskins was charged with additional misdemeanor offenses related to a third incident at the mosquito control property in October 2010.
According to that incident report, Haskins again said that he damaged county vehicles by pulling spark plug wires to "masturbate while cranking the engine." Deputies said he told them the act is a sexual fetish he learned about online.

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