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Sunday, July 20, 2014

"It's not a problem, we just wish you'd stop."

The Minnesota Vikings' Donald Sterling Moment ticks on. The team released a "summary" of a 150 page report prepared by its employment lawyers- the special teams guys you bring in to clean up a mess. It contains this logical contortion:
The Vikings lawyers acknowledge that Kluwe was encouraged by Vikings management to scale back his activism in support of LGBT rights, but insist it was completely unrelated to the substance of his activism. The analysis claims that “players and management were concerned about the distraction that Kluwe’s activism was creating, as opposed to the nature and content of his activism.” Of course, it was the “nature and content of his activism” that ultimately created the “distraction.” It’s hard to image if Kluwe was speaking out to reduce childhood obesity that it would have become an issue.

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