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Sunday, July 13, 2014

London to Alexandria: 45 days, 4969 kilometers, 1732.57 denari (applicable taxes and transfer fees extra, of course)

One of the fascinations of Lindsey Davis' detective novels set in the Roman Empire is how much ground her hero, Marcus Didius Falco, covers of the Empire's great expanse.

Want to follow Falco's footsteps? Now there's a site that acts as a sort of Travelocity of the Pax Romana.

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  1. !! A reference to Lindsey Davis! Wonderful books; I especially enjoyed the first three. My sister even named a particularly clever and good-natured tomcat "Falco." Thanks for a post that isn't depressing. The course of national and North Carolina politics leaves me speechless with despair.

    Jill in N.C.