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Thursday, March 26, 2015

"So, sorry, Miss Taylor, an eighth cake? No, no, sorry, and one of them twice? For shame, Miss Taylor, but while you are here, would you like some crullers?"

Last year Waldo tackled a Forbes article by a friend he's been sparring with for over thirty years, in which he expressed dismay at the modern vogue for pestering people who sling marzipan and will accept good money for mounting one little Thomas E. Dewey atop a wedding cake, but not two.

We went on at some length analyzing that item. Now that pipe bags have become the sword-point of a conservative movement to make following laws a personal option requiring no more thought than that of a peeved six year old ("Because I wanted to!"), one baker somewhere (we poached this from Facebook) has come up with a riposte Waldo deems worthy of the moment and the arbitrariness and hypocrisy of the defenders of the cake faith:

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