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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Civics is not dead. Yet.

Given the number of people who have told me their foolproof ways for getting out of jury duty, this is refreshing:
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts reported for jury duty in Maryland on Wednesday, according to the Washington Post. 
After answering two questions in open court about family members, Roberts was not selected to serve on the jury and left the court in Rockville. 
Roberts' colleague, Justice Elena Kagan, reported for jury duty at D.C. Superior Court in January 2011, but was released the same afternoon. 
Vice President Joe Biden has even been called for jury duty, reporting to a courthouse in New Castle County, Delaware, in January 2011. 
"I don't consider myself different than any other person," Biden told The News Journal of Wilmington at the time. "This is important ... It is an honor to be a part of the system." 
According to the AP, President Barack Obama was summoned for jury duty in Chicago in 2010, but told the court he couldn't make it.

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