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Saturday, April 25, 2015

He must not want my money for his outfit, then-

English: Franklin and Billy Graham, in Clevela...
Franklin and Billy Graham, in Cleveland Stadium, in Cleveland Ohio, in June 1994 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Franklin Graham may tarnish his family name every time he opens his mouth these days, but there's no denying his international relief organization- Samaritan's Purse- has done a lot of good work through the years.

This morning Graham must have decided SP can afford a good wallow in the partisan mud with him: he signed up to act as bagman for Melissa and Aaron Klein, who soaked the credulous at for $110,000 yesterday before even that outfit- which will let almost anyone on- shut them off.

The Kleins have spent the last two years making themselves media martyrs for refusing to sell a wedding cake to an Oregon lesbian couple getting married. So great has the drumbeat of negative publicity the Kleins and their allies been on the lesbian couple- who have shunned media outlets- that an Oregon administrative law judge whacked them for $135,000 in damages yesterday.

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