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Monday, April 20, 2015

NC taxpayers' lawyer: I want $400 an hour. If I don't win, just ignore the decision.

John C. Eastman

While he's billing North Carolina taxpayers $400 per hour to push the antigay views of NC Senator Thom Tillis, state senate president Phil Berger and house speaker Tim Moore, John C. Eastman has been busy filing and shilling an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court's marriage consolidated marriage case. In the brief, which, as counsel for the National Organization for Marriage, representing himself, as chairman of the National Organization for Marriage- and a pollster named Frank Schubert. Given his rapacious bilking billing habits (after a $50,000 settlement payment from the IRS in an NOM case, Eastman presented the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, where his Tillis appeal is pending, a bill for $691,000), one must ask if he billed them for the work.

Eastman says marriage equality must stay banned because in the states that banned it by popular vote, the ban won.

Oh, and also, pollsters are all gay symps and they stack their questions to keep the gays happy.

(For a sample of the quality of Eastman's work, read the NOM/Schubert brief here)

While busily soaking taxpayers and donors to fund his legal crochets and whimsies, Eastman revealed- in a March article at Public Discourse, the organ of the antigay Witherspoon Society where he posted his amicus findings, above- that it is all a scam:
It is important to note what is not at issue in this controversy, at least not yet. That is whether public officials will be bound by a decision of the US Supreme Court wrongly interpreting the Constitution to mandate a nationwide redefinition of marriage.

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