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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Marriage Martyrs' Financial Firehose: Going Dry?

Another tough day for those in the front line of religious freedom restoration: the martyred florists, bakers and racists Waldo tracks as the early retirement phenomenon evolves (for cumulative data, click on the link just above).

Today was another bad day for the FundOn movement. From their claimed millions of supporters, filled with righteous anger and- as they demonstrated, coughing up a million bucks in three days when this phenomenon started- the deep pockets, the GoFundMe Three only raked in $2232 today, from 35 new adherents of the good and true.

Brian Brown, the cheapskate president of National Organization for Marriage, did best today, rattling the stick in his swill bucket for $1322 from 12 donors. $777 of that came from a couple who had a revelation that the money would be better poured into a hired bus next weekend than their home downpayment.

Still, NOM's crash campaign to stack its antigay marriage rally and march next weekend by hauling in "poor" supporters who couldn't otherwise come to share the lack of love is still just under halfway to the $40,000 needed for its twenty bus charters. And that's with a jam-packed roster of rally speakers including a New York state senator, three black ministers, a professional antigay lawyer, a Dugger spawn employed by Family Research Council, a Spanish-speaking God-botherer, one of Jim DeMint's Heritage Foundation veeps, the CEO of some company, and one bishop, three archbishops and a papal nuncio! Fifteen speakers for a 90-minute rally: that's going to be some high-speed bashing goin' on!

Barronelle Stutzman, the florist-martyr of Richland WA, only got $630 from 11 new donors, and yesterday's big hauler, racist New Jersey deli owner Jimbo Boggess, who tanked his trade by posting a White History Month sign in his window, only got $280 from eight donors.

$2232; 35 people. Something's going on. Ted Cruz can't have raised all the money there is.

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