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Monday, May 18, 2015

Another financial Schock in the GOP congressional ranks

English: Official portrait of US Rep Frank Guinta
Official portrait of US Rep Frank Guinta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
National Journal:

May 18, 2015 For five years, Rep. Frank Guinta has dismissed allegations that he broke campaign-finance laws as a political witch hunt orchestrated by Democrats. Now, his time in Congress may be over because of them, and Republicans are trying to make sure he doesn't take the party down with him.
After the Federal Election Commission found last week that Guinta illegally accepted $355,000 in campaign donations from his parents, the New Hampshire Republican is facing calls for his resignation, even from inside his own party. On Monday, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, the state's most prominent Republican officeholder, said Guinta should step down. For his part, Guinta said he's not going anywhere, according to an Associated Press report, though Ayotte's statement is just the latest sign Guinta's support is waning.

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