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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

As Pierre Trudeau would have said, "Fuddle Duddle"

The Attorney General of Texas flips the bird at gay citizens of his state (video at this link):
"Aren't you saying that the gays and lesbians in your state are not as valued, because they can't form into a union?" 
Paxton responded that the legislature is merely defining marriage as it has been "for over two centuries."  
"And what about homosexuals who fall in love?," Camerota asks. "What should they do?" 
"Well, I mean, they can do whatever they want," was Paxton's dismissive, inhumane response. 
Camerota, not satisfied, pushed for a better answer. 
"Well, they can't really do what they want," she reminded him. "Do you understand why gays in Texas would feel that that's discriminating against them?" 
"Well," Paxton muttered, "They can feel how they want."

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