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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Conservative crowdfund welfare update.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, the baker-martyrs of Gresham, Oregon, have hit 9% of the $150,000 goal they set in their latest beg. The Kleins, who are facing a recommended $135,000 fine for emotional distress they have cause the lesbian couple whose wedding cake order they rejected with the admonition that their children are an abomination, then followed up with a two-year media campaign to portray themselves as the victims, raised $109,000 from a campaign previously.

The Kleins are also getting money from a beg Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse organization is stretching its nonprofit status to run. SP won't say how much they have raised, nor will the Kleins. The Kleins have also been accepting donations via a local church. They won't say how much that has generated, either.

So far, then, the Kleins have made upwards of $118,000 tax-free dollars. If they make their second $150,000 target, they will be looking at a haul of over $275,000.

Barronelle Stutzman, the martyr-florist of Richland, Washington, continue to stonewall questions how much she has made since her gofundme beg was shut down at $173,000, but continues a brisk round of media appearances claiming she will be ruined financially for her faith. Nor will she say how much she is getting, or has gotten from Jack and Crystal O'Connor, of Memories Pizza in Indiana, who have said they are giving some of their $842,000 haul to Stutzman.

Luis Lang, the South Carolina Republican who hated Obamacare when he didn't need it and hated Obamacare for his failure to get in on it before he did, has experienced a checkbook conversion after 1300 self-described liberals raised $25,000 for him to get vision-saving eye surgery. He has embraced universal health care and realized, he says,he really isn't a Republican after all.

Jimbo Boggess, the New Jersey deli owner who put himself out of business asking his customers to join him in celebrating White History Month, has raised $1905.

Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage, is still raising funds to pay for buses to bring carless opponents of marriage equality to a rally he held in Washington, DC, on April 25.

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