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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Liberals show some liberality, for old Lang's sight

Here's an update on Luis Lang, the South Carolina man who passed on getting Obamacare-required health insurance, then had an eyesight-threatening health crisis that blew though his savings, then discovered he couldn't get on Obamacare, then blamed the President and congressional Democrats for not giving him free when he was sick what he declined to pay for when he was well, will get his eye surgery- thanks to hundreds of self-described liberals and supporters of Obamacare.

That's what Waldo urged readers to do: make Lang an object lesson rather than an object of derision, and help out where his co-partisans would think "Devil take the hindmost" before sending off a contribution to a martyred florist or baker or pizza pie maker. Which, incidentally, is pretty much what they did.

As of yesterday, Lang's bail-me-out beg on the conservative crowdfund welfare site of choice, GoFundMe, received some $12,000, enough for a Charlotte doctor and hospital to offer to treat Lang for a cut rate.

In a followup Charlotte Observer interview, Lang admitted he'd learned a lesson, if a bit grudgingly.

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