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Friday, May 8, 2015

Sweet Cakes' sweet deal: new online beg could double their take

Samaritan's Purse
"Shhh! It's so secret we don't even tell the people we're raising the money for."
Aaron and Melissa Klein, the martyr bakers of Gresham, Oregon, have got a new beg site going. On their Facebook page they say the site Continue to Give contacted them.

"Of course, we don't expect anything," the Kleins say.

What's interesting is that the new site, has a goal of $150,000, and says, as of 9.30 pm this date, they are 2% of the way there: $1500. The Kleins say they do not know how much Samaritan's Purse- Franklin Graham's relief agency- has raised for them, and refer questioners on that point to the Graham group.

The Kleins pulled in about $110,000 on before it shut them down; if they make the duplicate goal on the new campaign, they will clear $126,500 above and beyond their proposed fine for telling a lesbian who asked them to bake a weeding cake that her children were abominations in the sight of God. Pretty impressive, though trailing Barronelle Stutzman, the Washington florist who raised $173,000 before her gofundme site was shuttered, against fines and court costs of $1001, and miles behind Jack and Crystal O'Connor, of Memories Pizza fame. They scooped up $842,000, a still-undisclosed portion of which will go to Stutzman.

What of the other crowdfund welfarites Waldo's been following? Jimbo Boggess, who drove away his New Jersey deli's customers with his White History Month celebrations, has been stuck for a couple of weeks at $1900 from 91 whiteists. And Brian Brown,  whose gofundme site sought to raise $50,000 for buses to being antimarriage equality demonstrators to Washington, has only raised $65 in the last ten days, for a total of $43,481 from 412 donors.

Never mind that the rally was held on April 25.

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