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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Of course, we expect our legislators will find a way around their voter suppression laws..."

A Republican operative has two brainwaves:

1.  Starting in Pennsylvania, try to register more angry old white folks:

While many smaller rural counties would be all but invisible on a population or registered-voter map, they’re here, and they add up. Pennsylvania’s vote in general is older and whiter, despite the diversity of its major metropolitan areas. Perhaps as a testament to the impressive efforts of Democrats to turn out every voter they can find, Philadelphia County and Allegheny County (which contains Pittsburgh) make up a far smaller portion of this untapped mass than they do of registered voters, meaning that registration efforts there have been very successful — as the first diagrammatic map above shows. If you grow your own share of the overall electorate, you kick off the campaign with a bigger base and shrink the voter deficit in ways that pummeling everyone’s TV sets with ads can’t match. This isn’t glamorous work, but it is essential. We don’t know how favorable these potential voters are, but with so many of them around, and almost zero effort having been made previously to bring them in, there are fish in the lake. 

2.  Lie: 
Cory Gardner’s push for over-the-counter birth control made it more daunting for the incumbent, Senator Mark Udall, to paint him as a radical, which shows that a more moderate image plays well.

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