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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You've got the most powerful lobby on earth protecting you from regulation, and legislators falling over themselves, for decades, to create new market share for you- YOU CAN"T MAKE MONEY?

A gun manufacturer with an iconic name going banko in the United States in 2015? Colt has managed that feat:

Breitbart says the company has failed, miserably, to keep its eye on the crazy:
Those looking from the outside in have speculated that Colt depended on its military contracts and failed to keep up with the times regarding the civilian market. 
For example, CNN Money notes that the burgeoning popularity of concealed carry has made “compact and light handguns” the craze in America. But Colt has not exactly been the tip of the spear for compact and light. Instead, they have watched concealed carriers move to Glock and other manufacturers. 
As a result, Colt’s de jure loss of military contracts was compounded by a de facto loss of civilian interest.

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