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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pete DuPont was another highlight. And Tom Tancredo...

Veteran Republican campaign strategist Ed Rollins comments today, on his Facebook page, about the Trump Bubble, cautioning there is a long way to go and many candidates of merit.

What I found interesting is how the dead, bony hand of Ronald Reagan still clutches the GOP.

Everything must be measured against him. Thus, this Rollins benchmark:
This is the strongest field since 1980 and whoever emerges many months from now will be an exceptional candidate to face Mrs. Clinton.
 When a party's highwater mark for quality candidates is 35 years back, I suppose, you make needs meet. But who would know the quality of the GOP bench over time than Rollins? After managing Reagan's 1984 landslide campaign, Rollins ran the campaigns of Jack Kemp (1988); Ross Perot (1992); Mike Huckabee (2007) and Michelle Bachmann (2012).

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