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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Will he be Dr. Senator Lord Boustany?

If the End Times are not, truly, upon us, there is certainly evidence that God's wrath is falling upon the people of Louisiana.

Senator David Vitter, who patronizes whorehouses and likes to play in diapers, is the front runner to succeed the immensely unsuccessful Bobby Jindal in 2016. 

So who's hoovering up cash to steal a lead on Vitter's seat? Congressman Charles Boustany, about whose dazzling creds Waldo wrote, two years ago:
GOP congresscritter Charles Boustany says Obamacare is a scam to get people to vote D in order to get benefits. What happened to Mitt Romney's claims that the reason Obama won was coz he gave it away free
Boustany, you may remember, is so wedded to the Teabagger Constitution fetish that he tried a few years ago to buy a British title of nobility for himself. 

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