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Friday, August 7, 2015

Debate, condensed

Saving you two hours: Kasich: I'm for defense, got rich, balanced budget first time since men walked on the moon. Christie's dad lost his dad in the military and got a job at Brier's; brought home free samples. "9/10. 9/10". Nothing wrong with Rand Paul that being five inches taller wouldn't solve. "I've gone to meet blacks and they still aren't for me." Rubio: I'm a better Cuban emigre than Ted Cruz. He's Canadian. We can expand the American Dream for everyone but married gays. Cruz, on Day 1, will rule by decree. He will "persecute" religious liberty. Carson says he operated on unborn babies, better hope there's no antiabortion videos. The Huckster owes his career to the Clintons and it's a worm in his brain. Walker is a dropout who worries about his kids' future. He rides a Harley. God's daily message to him was destroy public employee unions and universities and he will ransack the Bible for guidance to do it to America. Jeb! 2016 says it's morning in America again, but Obama has tied ropes to the sunrise. There's an app for everything on your watch. The Donald says I own you all.

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