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Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's not about marriage equality, it's about- wait, I need to stop and see her to remind my why I'm doing this

Casey County's Clerk, Casey Davis, no relation to Kim, is riding a bike four-hundred miles this week. On Saturday he rode into Lexington, traveling on Route 60 and was greeted by a large crowd of supporters.
Davis said he's riding to let people know that Kim Davis is innocent and about to go to jail or be fined for being a Christian and exercising her First Amendment rights. Both county clerks have refused to issue any marriage licenses since the supreme court ruling legalizing same sex marriage back in June.
Davis said his first stop Friday morning was in Morehead, where he visited Kim Davis, reminding him of the reason behind his ride.
Davis said his bike ride has nothing to do with same sex marriage, it instead it has everything to do with a woman who could be found in contempt of court, who he said is innocent and he said has done nothing wrong.

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