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Monday, August 10, 2015

Never be for or against anything too soon in a field of 17. It might cost you two votes in Iowa.

From Politico, the new idea-lite Republican campaign style:
A POLITICO Agenda analysis of the 17 GOP campaigns' websites found that nearly half lacked a specific “issue” page at all. The absence of a clear, one-stop spigot of policy information was especially notable at the top of the field. Front-runners Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker don’t have policy tabs of any kind. For the rest of the pack, the policy pages of their websites are largely afterthoughts, light on significant detail. There are some exceptions: Rand Paul, the libertarian idea maven, gets deep into the issues and pushes the bounds of where a Republican might go; Chris Christie offers multi-pronged plans on education, the economy and entitlement reform. But overall, what the Republican field has posted online on the policy front is far more a jumble of talking points, previously-published op-eds and random topics — Marco Rubio has a page simply titled "America" — than the kinds of details once considered essential to a serious presidential candidacy.

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