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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Donald: "I'm a big believer in the Bible."

"What can I say? I believe what I believe. But, I mean, c'mon, the guy was the greatest marketer of ideas in history! Who wouldn't believe he was on to something? And lemme tell ya, churches, they drive hard bargains. I've had to push hard to get my way when they wouldn't sell me the air rights for a condo tower. Not even after I offered them some free brownfields land as a relo site in Camden! It's like they were willing to be thrown to the lions over a postage-stamp lot on the East Side, lower 40s. Not even the best neighborhood, nothing they had to offer like what I could bring to the table. And speaking of lions, that's why my boy hunts them. I tell him, shoot or be thrown to 'em. Santorum is a weakling. He worries about men and dogs. I' ve been in there with the big game all my life. And you see all the stories in the Bible? The lions always lose to the stand-up guy. So, yeah, the Old Testament, David had how many wives? Way more than I've had. And I've never arranged to have any guys killed to get their wives, either. No binders full of women for me. I can just call one of my concierges and get a sampler plate sent up."

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