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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Show this to The Donald and the immigration debate will turn on a dime.

From Marginal Revolution:

Refugee markets in everything

by  on September 15, 2015 
The annual report in 2013 from a multibillion-dollar London private-equity firm that counts a French pastry baker and a Dutch shoemaker among its holdings touted a new opportunity with “promising organic and acquisitive growth potential.”
That investment was the management of refugee camps.
“The margins are very low,” said Willy Koch, the retired founder of the Swiss company, ORS Service AG, which runs a camp in Austria that overflowed this summer with migrants who crossed from the Balkans and Hungary. “One of the keys is, certainly, volume.”
The WSJ story is here, or maybe here.  And here is a related business:
In Sweden, the government paid a language-analysis firm $900,000 last year to verify asylum-seekers’ claims of where they were from.
Look for more stories along these lines.  Hat tip goes to Hugo Lindgren.
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