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Friday, September 25, 2015

Voters Value Summiteers wonder if The Donald sent his best

"I believe in God," [Donald Trump] said. "I believe in the Bible. I’m Christian. I love people."
The candidate, who struggled to explain his faith in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, did not really try at the summit. He noted, several times, that he was winning evangelical voters, but (as he hoisted his Bible again) referred to them as a third party rather than peers. His longest comment on America's Judeo-Christian tradition came when he indulged an issue familiar to Fox News viewers: shop owners replacing mentions of Christmas with unspecific "holiday" messages.
"I love Christmas," he said. "You go to stores now, and it doesn’t say Christmas. It says 'Happy holidays.' All over! I say, where's Christmas? I tell my wife, 'Don’t go to those stores.' I want to see Christmas! Other people can have their holidays, but Christmas is Christmas. I want to see 'Merry Christmas.' Remember the expression 'Merry Christmas?' You don't see it. You're going to see it if I'm elected."

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