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Thursday, October 15, 2015

FDR didn't know the half of it.

The Complete List of Fears, 2015

The following is a complete, list of all of the fears addressed by the Chapman Survey of American Fears, Wave 2 (2015), including the percent of Americans who reported being afraid or very afraid. 

Sorted by Percent Afraid/Very Afraid
FearFear Domain% Afraid or Very Afraid
Corporate Tracking of Personal DataTechnology44.6
Terrorist AttackMan-made Disasters44.4
Government Tracking of Personal DataTechnology41.4
Bio-warfareMan-made Disasters40.9
Identity TheftCrime39.6
Economic CollapseMan-made Disasters39.2
Running out of MoneyPersonal Future37.4
Credit Card FraudCrime36.9
Gun ControlGovernment36.5
WarMan-made Disasters35.8
IllnessPersonal Future34.4
PandemicNatural Disasters34.3
Nuclear AttackMan-made Disasters33.6
ReptilesPersonal Anxieties33.0
MeltdownMan-made Disasters32.3
Civil UnrestMan-made Disasters32.0
TornadoNatural Disasters31.4
Global WarmingEnvironment30.7
Grid attackMan-made Disasters29.8
Illegal ImmigrationGovernment29.7
DroughtNatural Disasters29.4
Robots Replacing WorkforceTechnology28.9
Public SpeakingPersonal Anxieties28.4
Property DamageNatural Disasters27.7
HeightsPersonal Anxieties27.4
Pollution of rivers and streamsEnvironment26.9
EarthquakeNatural Disasters26.7
Drunk DriverCrime26.5
FloodNatural Disasters26.5
HurricaneNatural Disasters26.4
Trusting Artificial Intelligence to do workTechnology25.8
InsectsPersonal Anxieties25.5
BlizzardMan-made Disasters25.0
UnemploymentPersonal Future23.8
Artificial IntelligenceTechnology22.2
Break insCrime22.2
LonelinessPersonal Future22.0
DyingPersonal Future21.9
WaterPersonal Anxieties21.0
ClaustrophobiaPersonal Anxieties19.9
VolcanoNatural Disasters19.7
AgingPersonal Future19.6
Ponzi Schemes and other financial crimesCrime19.0
Technology I don’t understandTechnology19.0
NeedlesPersonal Anxieties18.5
Whites no longer majorityGovernment18.2
DyingDaily Life16.8
GermsPersonal Anxieties16.5
Mass ShootingCrime16.4
Walking Along at NightDaily Life16.4
Murder by a strangerCrime16.0
Police BrutalityCrime15.4
FlyingPersonal Anxieties15.2
Rape by a strangerCrime14.5
Whooping CoughPersonal Anxieties13.5
Mammals (Dogs, rats or other animals)Personal Anxieties12.9
MeaslesPersonal Anxieties12.7
Dismissed by OthersDaily Life12.5
BloodPersonal Anxieties12.2
Hate CrimeCrime12.2
WeightJudgment of Others11.4
Rape by someone you knowCrime11.3
Murder by someone you knowCrime10.9
RidiculeDaily Life10.6
Romantic RejectionDaily Life10.4
Expressing OpinionDaily Life9.7
GhostsPersonal Anxieties9.7
Talking to StrangerDaily Life9.7
GossipDaily Life9.6
DarkPersonal Anxieties9.3
AppearanceJudgment of Others8.7
ZombiesPersonal Anxieties8.5
VaccinesPersonal Anxieties8.4
ClownsPersonal Anxieties6.8
AgeJudgment of Others5.9
RaceJudgment of Others5.6
GenderJudgment of Others4.5
DressJudgment of Others4.2

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