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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Next up: Buster Kitten vs. Wade

Above: Pro-life Pet activists in your future
Conservatives have long mocked the movement to confer legal rights upon animals. Years ago, when the Washington legislature passed a bill to allow financial trusts to be set up for the care of pets who survive their masters (Leona's Law, I suggested calling it), the state reps voted "woof" for eye and "Meow" for nay.

Chuckle as you will, but this story is more bad news for America's moral absolutists. Coming hard on the reports that science is closing in on DNA maskers for same-sex attraction, comes this news that female pets can now go pro-choice.

About the earlier story I recalled an article by Southern Baptist honco Albert Mohler, who said if gayness is genetic, the conservative position on abortion would flip overnight. This, I suggested, poses a conundrum for groups like North Carolina Values Coalition​: do they set a course to eradicate Tar Heel gays, even at the risk of putting themselves out of business for allowing an exception to abortion bans?

And now they have to toss and turn, their dreams fevered by the tinny meows of preborn litters. Will the pro-life lobby prove that ALL lives are truly sacred?

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