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Friday, November 20, 2015

Can she float?

From TPM: I guess, a story of sorceress calling her kettle black:

O'Donnell, who famously declared during the 2010 Senate race that she was not a witch, made the comment in a teleconference with the federal judge hearing the case. 
O'Donnell also said she is having trouble hiring a local attorney, claiming that at least three lawyers she has talked to have received phone calls warning of "political backlash" if they represent her. She declined to identify them or provide further details, noting that an Associated Press reporter was listening to the teleconference. 
O'Donnell's former local attorney, Richard Abbott, withdrew from the case last month, saying he hasn't been paid for his services. 
FEC records show O'Donnell has given her campaign committee $15,000 in two unsecured, zero-interest loans this year for legal services. The committee, which had cash on hand of $571.96 as of Sept. 30, owes $14,118.92 on the loans, which are due Dec. 31. 
Judge Leonard Stark ordered Friday's status conference to try to keep the case from falling further behind schedule. The defendants have failed to meet a Nov. 10 deadline for responding to the FEC's discovery request for documents. O'Donnell also has yet to comply with federal court rules requiring that she have a Delaware-based attorney before outside counsel can become involved. 
The alternative, Stark noted, would be for O'Donnell to represent herself, an idea she rejected. 
"I'm not a lawyer. I'm not familiar with federal election law," said O'Donnell, adding that she parted ways with another attorney, Cleta Mitchell, over a proposed settlement with the FEC. O'Donnell said she was willing to settle if the FEC changed language that "made me appear guilty," but that the FEC declined to do so.

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