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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stick to your character, and we won't beat you up on the street.

Bad news for Franklin Graham​, whose admiration for Russia, its President Putin, and its stern disapproval of The Mean Gays, knows no bounds.

The Russian edition of Maxim has declared that, while being gay is unmanly and unforgivable, it is willing to forgive and forget- in ten cases.

Mostly, if you are an actor- and can play straight, or asexual, parts convincingly- you're aces. If you're a gay writer, either be incredibly witty or invent a character who is the model Russian Maxim reader. You can be gay and a science nerd, but the odds of forgiveness are small: one in ten. Music transcends all. If you are any of these things- AND British, well, it's all over. Those Maxims max out over a plummy Oxbridge accent.

The guys RM gets all fanboy about are: Ian McKellen; Stephen Fry ("proves it is possible to be gay and still be sensible man"); Freddie Mercury; Chuck Palahniuk (Tyler Durden, from Fight Club, is THE Maxim Man); French actor Jean Marais; Rob Halford, of the band Judas Priest; mathematician Alan Turing; Neal Patrick Harris, and, rather incredibly, Oscar Wilde.

With help from Google Translate, here is how one becomes a born-again straight guy in Russia:

Gaia, which we respect

We men do not believe men men who love men. This rule is. But there are exceptions. There are gay people who deserve our respect and the right to remain in the eyes of our fellows.

Ian McKellen

Геи, которых мы уважаем

British actor Ian McKellen announced his homosexuality in a live BBC in an interview on the BBC in 1988. But we are ready to forgive him of his orientation to the role of the villain Magneto of the trilogy, "X-Men" and Gandalf from the "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit." In the end, even the British Queen Elizabeth in 1990, McKellen has devoted to the Knights (and officially became the first Knight gay!).

Stephen Fry

Геи, которых мы уважаем

Comedian Stephen Fry, a sample of an English gentleman, which could be put at the Paris Chamber of Weights and Measures (although it certainly would be against), as well as the living embodiment of the idea that one can be openly gay and sensible person at a time. Fry - a gifted comic actor, director, screenwriter and novelist. Forgive him we were ready even in the nineties, when the screens out the first series "Jeeves and Wooster" in which he starred with Hugh Laurie.

Oscar Wilde

Геи, которых мы уважаем

Poet, philosopher, esthete and dandy was a hero of his time and even genius. Oscar Wilde loved not only for his work but also for the endless witty remarks that accompanied almost every his appearance in society. I ruined Wilde (at that time, by the way, who was married and who had children) relationship with a young nobleman Alfred Douglas, whose father was a writer accused of sodomy. Wilde was convicted during the court hearing, and later died in France from acute meningitis - all rejected and forgotten. He deserves credit for that, even during the trial remained true to himself, even though his caustic remarks, delights the audience, largely secured a conviction. Despite the fact that the allegations made by Wilde, considered a serious crime in the XIX century, the love of the public to the writer was so great that at the first hearing of the jury were unable to make any judgment as a deposit for Wilde made a priest Stuart Hadley, did not know him personally, .

Freddie Mercury

Геи, которых мы уважаем

Freddie Mercury - rock icon, an exception to all rules. His creativity he brought us so much joy, that we are willing to forgive him anything. Offstage Freddie also behaved very bravely: learning that has AIDS, it is up to the latter to hide it from family and fans, and for as long struggled with the disease, wrote the songs for three albums ahead and transferred the rights to Bohemian Rhapsody, which was recognized the best song of the millennium according to The Official Charts Company, the fund to fight AIDS. What can I say ... Show must go on!

Jean Marais

Геи, которых мы уважаем

Being an idol and sex symbol of the era, Mare for twenty years cohabited with writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau. With his manly good looks and athletic physique to be gay in general somehow greshnovato, the more that was filmed exclusively Mare starring courageous and brave characters: knights, captains, at worst, adventurers, but with solid moral principles. And he, without stuntmen perform stunts. His role in "Fantômas" - actually Fantomas and journalist Fandora - is admirable: it is necessary to possess a remarkable talent to fulfill both the villain and the main positive character in such a way that it wanted to imitate the villain. In the end, many of us in my childhood played Fantomas. Our editor fitness accurately, though he hides his true age.

Alan Turing

Геи, которых мы уважаем

Mathematician Alan Turing is considered one of the most famous victims of homophobia in the UK. According to the court, he was undergoing a forced hormone therapy to suppress libido and he was not allowed to work in the main unit of the encryption UK. The latter was a tragedy for the scientist, and he committed suicide. Where would you be now if it were not for Alan Turing?Certainly not at the computer, because it is he was the creator of the computer "Turing machine", which can be considered the prototype of the modern computer. But the main contribution to the history of the Turing - is the work during the Second World War, when he deciphered "Enigma", a German car to encrypt messages. In this way the British learned in advance of the plans of the Nazis, which helped save thousands of lives. Winston Churchill said that no one else has made the same contribution to the victory of Alan Turing.

Chuck Palahniuk

Геи, которых мы уважаем

When in 2003, Chuck Palahniuk, author of the novel male decades of "Fight Club", he announced his homosexuality, it has not made such a furore what could be. In fact, anyone familiar with the work of Palahniuk suspected that the Puritan could not have created such a countercultural product saturation. So coming out Palahniuk was quiet and peaceful: after an interview in which he blurted out too much, the writer posted online an audio recording where reported his homosexual. And he went on to write books about the marginal personalities, outcasts and deviants. In our list Palahniuk has appeared, of course, thanks to Tyler Durden, a role model of all men.

Rob Halford

Геи, которых мы уважаем

Rob Halford, lead singer of metal band Judas Priest, defined the sound of heavy metal in the 1970s, and one of the coolest singers in heavy metal rock and openly declared his homosexuality in 1998 in an interview with MTV. But his reputation is not affected. We respect him not only amazingly powerful voice four octaves, and that he earned the title of "god of metal", but also for the fact that he, in fact, developed the image of the canonical "Metalist", which is used by all hedbengery polls for many decades on this day (before and after they learned that Halford - gay).If you're so cool, no matter what your orientation.

Graham Chapman

Геи, которых мы уважаем

Members of the legendary Monty Python, the great comedian Graham Chapman officially admitted to its orientation in the mid-1970s on the television show and became one of the first stars who made it public. Chapman happy joking on gay topics - for example, he was the author of the sketch "Mouse problem" of people dress up in costumes and mice found at secret parties eating cheese that has been hidden in the allegory of the gay community. But we respect the Graham Chapman primarily for his roles in the movies "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "The Life of St. Brian Monty Python," where he played a major role - the man mistaken for Jesus and wants to get rid of his flock in every possible way .

Neil Patrick Harris

Геи, которых мы уважаем

We had a little doubt whether to include in our list actor Neil Patrick Harris - after all, he, by his own statement made in 2006, "a happy gay." But the role of a womanizer Barney Steens in the series "How I Met Your Mother" has not left us indifferent. It is impossible not to respect the one who raised the hunt for the girls in the present art, systematized all the tricks and techniques and created the "Bro Code." Even if he just played the role. But as it is played!

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