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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tonight's debate: final statements

Final statements:

Paul: Can you be a fiscal conservative if you don't conserve all the dollars? We need to conserve them all, including domestic spending and welfare.

Kasich: if Hillary wins my daughters' lives will be ruined. Then a Reagan Pacific Coast highway moment about shifting programs to the states and reaching out and strong families.

Carly: I finally figured out she sounds like Larraine Newman doing Weekend Update remotes on SNL 40 years ago. She refers to herself as a separate person, the way Bob Dole talked about what Bob Dole would do as President.

Jeb! promised a giant military and a fixed VA, and to be commander,not agitator or divider, in chief. An Afghan war widow sat with his wife.

Cruz: "We are all the children of those who risked everything for freedom." Except the illegals. And check my website!

Boy Rubio: Only he can prevent John kasich's daughters' lives being ruined. His drinking game phrase is New American Century. And check my website, too!

Carson: During this debate five people died of drug overdoses. I'm skipping over how two days ago I said drug addiction is an expression of political correctness. American specialness must be protected from political correctness.

The Donald: I don't need you to go to a website because I am so rich. My company is fabulous. I am, too. I can make America fabulous. Hillary was the worst secretary of state ever.

Moderator Cavuto: "Thank you all for saving time by talking over each other so much."

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