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Friday, December 25, 2015

My clothing, it turned out, had already been bargained away.

I had my visitations from the three spirits of Christmas last night. One involved traveling a long, long way in a single seat string of amusement park-sized train cars through a very long, claustrophobic tunnel, only to emerge at a Christmas party where the billionaire David H. Koch- who didn't recognize me as a regular at the party- asked where I went to college. I told him. "Hmph. Never heard of that one. How much is tuition?"

The next was what seemed like a night-long battle with zombies who'd missed their Christmas Eve nosh. Happily, in the way of TV and movies, my smarts exceeded their numbers.

The third was waking up hearing David Sedaris reading the Santaland Diaries on NPR, and falling asleep again.

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