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Thursday, January 7, 2016

In death, NC woman consigns family to Hell.

From a News & Observer obituary:
In 1999 her son moved her to NC and requested that she sign a durable power of attorney. Wilma lived independently with her son's oversight until 2012 and then her son moved her into an assisted living facility in Knightdale. There he attributed her inability to care for herself to her lack of effort rather than the level of assistance and care she received. Family concern that she was being neglected was brushed aside. The location was convenient to his work and home. She told him, "This is not living, it's existing." 
On Thanksgiving Day her son dropped her off in Knightdale, emailing his siblings that their mother looked about as poorly as he had seen her. A few hours later his mother was sent by ambulance to the emergency room with a temperature of 104 degrees. Her diagnoses were UTI, sepsis and light aspirate pneumonia. Wilma celebrated her 94th birthday with three of her children while hospitalized. Her anemia complicated her recovery and a medical error deprived her of her regular medications resulting in her agitation and fear. After her visiting children returned home, her son removed medical treatment. He later commented on the strength of her struggle for life. She died alone on Dec. 22 and was buried after Dave and his mistress returned from their Dec. 25 vacation trip to Oregon. 

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