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Friday, January 8, 2016

When he was 8th grade age, in 1780, John Quincy Adams was secretary to an American mission to negotiate with the tsar of Russia.

America's Egyptologist, Ben Carson, says the founders "specifically wrote the Constitution at an 8th-grade level so the American people could understand what their rights are."

Curious, I ran the text of the Constitution through an app measuring the grade level required for easy understanding of the document.

On the Gunning Fog Test: 17.222
Coleman Liau Test: 10.92
Fresch-Kincaid Grade Level: 15.59
SMOG Test: 15.24

The Federalist Papers are filled with concert that the masses understand the document. All the concerns about the masses actually taking part in the new government- property, racce and gender requirements, expressions like Madison's "taken as a whole, mankind are dangerous"- well, that was all just a headfake.

Oh, and the Gays. Still Mean.

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