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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Round Up the Usual Suspects: The Ides of March Edition.


-Today is primary day in North Carolina. Well, except for congressional seats. You get to vote, then, for the new version of the rigged districts that will give Republicans ten of thirteen seats. The vote had to be delayed after a court ordered the legislature to replace its old vote rigging system, which was based on stacking all the black voters in three districts, to the new one, which dilutes them across thirteen. The weather is going to be perfect today and the polls, open until 7.30 p.

-After the North Carolina legislature re-gerrymandered its previous gerrymander of the state’s congressional districts, this time basing it not on race but on keeping 77% of the seats while getting less than 50% of the popular vote, freshman Rep. Alma Adams found herself living seventy miles from the population centers of Mecklenburg County. She’s moving.

-Daylight Savings Time is back, and it actually delivers the goods.

-Here’s why religious freedom laws make no sense: “Preventing someone from violating another person’s rights isn’t an attack on their rights — it’s preventing them from violating someone else’s rights.” Of course, when you decode what they really are- an attempt to end-run the unconstitutionality of laws based on animus toward a single group- they make perfect sense.
That’s why over 100 antigay bills have been introduced in state legislatures in 2016 alone. There were 27 filed in Oklahoma’s capitol alone. And every one has failed.

-The Republican Party has subcontracted its planned Supreme Court nominee smear campaign to a conservative super PAC. Because transparency demands that you not know who’s funding it.

-The chair of Ted Cruz’s Antigay Discrimination Advisory Board, Tony Perkins, has been elected a convention delegate from Jindaland and will sit on the platform committee. There he will stand strong for discrimination against gays and silent against the sort of child abuse and adultery practiced by one of his former star employees, Josh Duggar.

-A Reagan-era GOP bagman is calling for the Republican Convention to be moved to Salt Lake City, where the LDS Church can be hired to do security, or to Virginia Beach, where the Navy SEALS can be called up. He fears Cleveland is too cosy with anti-GOP protesters to let the party’s own riot go uninterrupted.

-Today is also the Ides of March, on which Julius Caesar was murdered. And it is True Confessions Day and National Buzzard Day, all of which, taken in whole, seem apt for the times.

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