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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Try it. It works.

Decades ago, when "Watson" at IBM meant the company's chairman and not a computer that wins at Jeopardy!, the corporate slogan was, simply, THINK.

It's fascinating reading, all the posts excoriating Hillary Clinton for her kind- if erroneous- remarks about Nancy Regan yesterday. A little graveside hypocrisy is part of the social lubricant of life in the South, if not the nation. Yet the posts pile up, thick and fast, by outraged gays who will never ever ever vote for her again, and outraged Berniegays who cry, "See? See?"

Their demands for ideological purity are expressed with all the fervor of a Muslim preparing to go to war over someone bringing up a slight to the Prophet over the Battle of al-Arglebargle in 868 AD. Author Larry Kramer, patron saint of the thin-skinned, is threatening to vote for Bernie Sanders and burn his autographed photo of himself with Hillary and Carole Channing AND Liza Minelli. And he may do even other things, too.

The kind of people who will angrily repost a years-old story about Gilligan having died, or a Ted Cruz quotememe that is made up out of thin air, are denouncing her for a mental gearslip in the middle of a marathon in which candidates are bundled from pillar to post by guys in suits for the better part of two years, living in bad hotels, making the same speech over and over and posing for group pictures with Larry Kramer and Carole Channing and Liza Minelli. Slip ups happen. Candidates who are never wrong, and never sorry, are Donald Trumps.

There are bigger things going on. We have a candidate who says he wishes there was more, not less violence at his rallies, and is getting it. And staying home, sulking, from now to election will be a fine way to guarantee spending the next four to eight years wondering why Republicans find them such useful idiots and punching bags.

Look at it from the standpoint of a DC resident who asked herself- stragtegically, how can I leverage my vote the most? She registered Republican in a place where GOP turnout is so small she has the voting power of 40 Texas Republicans, and is using her vote to keep Donald Trump from getting 19 votes closer to the nomination of a party that, 60/40, loathes him:

"...The decision I’m hoping #NeverTrump Republicans make in November is the one I’m making now: Vote for someone you despise, rather than blow up the country. I’m voting, actually voting, exercising my franchise, by touching the screen where it says “Marco Rubio.” With as little as possible of the side of my non-dominant pinky finger."


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