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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"It's a spinoff!"

As the ex-president reminds us in the opera Nixon in China, news has a kind of mystery.

And, from time to time, it has assumed a life of its own. The PBS News House arose from Jim Leher's and Robert MacNeil's coverage of the 1973 Senate Watergate hearings.

Nightline was born in the endless drama of the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis.

The newsman Keith Olberman has ridden two tigers that emerged from the jungle of the day's happenings: 1997's The Big Show With Keith Olbermann (MonicaLewinsky, every night for over a year), and Countdown (the Iraq war).

It dawned on me, this morning, that I needed to terraform a new blog to cover HB2, the bathroom panic that has been fanned into the Great Alberta Wildfire of Carolinas Genitalia. Since late March, it has been the tale that ate Waldo Lydecker's Journal.

Thus, after a few hours' tinkering, was born the Waldoverse's one-trick-pony, one-story blog. Meet HB2day.

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