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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gay Muslim Terrorist-fearing lawmaker goto up early to profiteer Orlando shootings

A Florida Republican legislator, Neil Combee, was apparently the first to exploit the shootings in Orlando for partisan gain.

“Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks Orlando nightclub. It was just a matter of time. #PulseShooting,” he tweeted at 7.45 am today.

When a follower pointed out the attack was on a gay nightclub, Combee replied, “@Greytdog it was an attack on the "West"!”

Given Combee’s standard-issue Republican hostility to LGBT citizens- which he shares with Islamic terrorists- his comment is telling.

Combee is deputy majority whip in the Florida House of Representatives.
He attracted controversy in 2013 when he suggested on Twitter that Barack Obama was responsible for the chemical attacks that took place in the Syrian Civil War, asking, "Who knows? Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?" He defended his remarks, saying, "I think it's my place, your place and everybody's place to question what is going on here. Who do we believe?"

He is a past co-sponsor of legislation to prevent state judges from applying “foreign law” in decisions, and to require middle and high school students to view a film called, “America” Imagine the World Without Her.”

Horse racing, gun rights, the PBS NewsHour program (“Wonder If @realDonaldTrump will cut off taxpayer dollars to @JudyWoodruff & @gwenifill ?”), Islamic terrorists and LGBT people are fixations of Combee’s. On June 8, he tweeted,

Think about it! If @realDonaldTrump comes out as transgender woman b 4 to b worth 20-25 Xtra points. #Boom @HillaryClinton

April 6 he weighed in in favor of North Carolina’s HB2:

I'm sure they don't know! PayPal To Cancel Expansion N.C., Stays in Countries that Execute Gays - Breitbart  #PayPal

Combee stirred controversy in 2001 when he equated gay men with “deviance.” Then chairman of the Polk County Commission, Combee engaged in an unprompted colloquy with another commission member over what he saw as the menacing atmosphere of public restrooms in the county. “They don’t need to be in the bathrooms, and they don’t need to be propositioning children,” Combee said. The Lakeland Ledger reported, “Combee volunteered a mini-census of public locations where he’d heard homosexuals were having illicit sex” in the area. Combee later admitted a heavy reliance on hearsay in his claims that a local Wal-Mart was particularly noxious.

Even out of context, gay people seem rarely far from his thoughts:

It's clear, Democrats are going to nominate either an out-of-the-closet Marxist or an in-the-closet Marxist @LevinTV

Of one of his gun bills, The Miami Herald wrote,

The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Neil Combee, R-Polk City, said it’s not his intention to weaken the 2005 law, but acknowledged he doesn’t exactly know what his legislation does.

“I’m probably not the best person to ask if it makes 'stand your ground’ weaker or stronger,” Combee said. “I’m not a lawyer. You can show a dozen lawyers this bill and they’ll give you a dozen interpretations. What counts is the judge.”
The Tea Party Sentinel, a local website, credited Combee with popularizing a “new theme” to sell his foreign law bill- protecting the constitutional rights of women and children from Muslims.

Combee was previously chairman of Senator Ted Cruz’s Florida presidential campaign committee.

His Twitter profile says he is “A U.S. Person (nothing to worry about per BHO) Representing District 39, Florida House. I used to be an Ex-Bronc rider. A Nobody, trying to act like a Somebody.”

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