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Sunday, June 5, 2016

It's Morning in America, and we want new brekkers choices

They see the GOP as Kashi, the feel-good, all-organic, recycled materials-boxed cereal everyone hopes no one will notice is owned by a giant industrial food conglomerate.
Think of us as Uber, not the old yellow taxi company, says one pulled quote.
There's not a single new idea in the 37 pages of the report (no additives, they would probably say). Just a lot of stuff on how to reframe old ideas as fresh and organic and freedom-loving because millennials are the most freedom-loving generation of all (except the Greatest Generation, Reince Priebus red-penciled in).
So freedom-lovingness is, for example, is how the CRs argue that, while millennials are down the marriage equality, they will willingly gut civil rights laws to protect the freedom to discriminate, because God.
The illustrations are especially interesting. They pretty much all women, white ones. Mostly hands, holding or pointing. When you see one whole body, she is seen from behind, on a peak, arms outstretched toward the next peak, or waving a flag, standing in a wheat field. It feels like the blonde American babe buying exotic berries and grains from her motorcycle in the Kashi TV spots.
There is one black male hand in the cover shot. It cradles a white woman's hand, which, in turn, cradles a seedling.
It's a smart bit of understated messaging: inter-racial gardening is OK for Republicans.

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