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Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Dude, we so OWNED that hour! Gimme another bag a' Red Bull. I gotta tweet how old Kaine's mother in law is!"

The North Carolina Republican Party's idea of being hip and cool is to hire kids from college who know how to post snarks on Twitter, hook them up to energy drink drips, and leave them to it.

That's how you get this sort of ahistorical ignorance from people whose leaders argue they are the natural governing party of America: last night the NCGOP attacked VP nominee Tim Kaine for wearing a Honduran flag pin in his lap rather than the American flag real Americans sport with pride.

Only problem is, the pin Kaine wore is the authorized one for a parent of an active duty Marine. His son shipped out for Afghanistan last Saturday.

Stupidity is bad enough, but it really goes over the line when it is employed to attack the parent of an active duty soldier the GOP leadership- a demographic ordinarily much to be fetishized- yet was so loathe to be themselves when their turn came.

When you look at the top of the NCGOP- Richard Burr, Pat McCrory, Phil Berger, Tim Moore, Buck Newton, party chair Robin Hayes- not a one is a veteran.

The party has acknowledged "our error" but there will be no apology. As Governor McCrory reminded us when he complained of being treated badly by out of state elites over HB2, and of leaked emails show Democrats' glee at how HB2 has blown up in McCrory's face- just before going out to mock LGBT voters at a Trump rally this week- the NCGOP is incapable of shame.

Which must be why McCrory and Burr are so keen to be seen with Trump and Pence when other states' leaders flee them. Donald and Mike are shame-bulletproof. 

They aren't vets, either.

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