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Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Gardener's Diary: that wilted feeling.

Frankly, Fernando Krahn at The New Yorker, you can have this summer.

Since mid-June, it's been 75 at bedtime, 75 at rising, and 95 and up all day, every day. Nice work if you can stay inside, have a good box fan, and move slowly, which I've done.

I've lived half my life without air conditioning, so I'm not one incapable of functioning in heat. But there comes a point where the sheer endlessness of it gets wearing. Everything outdoors has a dusty, tired look.

I thought there'd be rain last night. About dinner time there were a few drops, and a few more - after a big lightning show- about 1.30 this morning.

I've given up listening to the TV weather people. They bury us in weather factoids and animated logos and action verbs and every city in the state is "your neighborhood." All I need to know is at some point- September? October? It has to start cooling down. Til then, my box fan and I are each other's biggest fans.

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  1. Exactly! I've run the AC so much that I actually feel guilty. I am so NOT a summer person. Hang on, Joe Pye and Ironweed are in bloom and Goldenrod soon will be. Their appearance puts us on the cusp of the season and relief will soon arrive. September is sometimes almost as hot as August but the nights are usually comfortable. October is a blessed month.

    Old Jill in N.C.