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Thursday, September 29, 2016

His campaign theme song will be the Andrea True classic, "Moore, Moore, Moore/How do you like it, how do you like it?"

Franklin Graham buried the tattered remains of his claim to be nonpartisan this morning on Facebook, endorsing the theocracy demanded by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, and came out as a full-throated racist bigot:
I have met Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, and I appreciate that he is a man who will stand up for what is right. Judge Moore was tried on Wednesday for “violating ethics” when he ordered state judges not to issue same-sex marriage licenses in his state. The judicial commission is set to rule on Judge Moore’s case within 10 days, and if he is unanimously found liable, he could be removed from the state Supreme Court. Join me in praying for Judge Moore, and share your encouragement with him in the comments below.
Moore- who bids fair to be the second Alabama branch of government head to be removed from office this year- owns an odd version of what Franklin Graham calls "right."

Under Mooreism, the Chief Justice of Alabama is the American Christianist Pope- civil ruler and voice of God all in one skinny 70-year-old man with a thinning hair, bad teeth, a photo of Jefferson Davis on his office wall, a trophy bottle-blonde second wife who runs a foundation against moral decay, and a son whose ability to summon miracles is limited to making his endless DUIs vanish. The Constitution of the United States is ordained by God, and God tells Roy Moore alone how it is to be interpreted and enforced. God was just funnin' when he created the Supreme Court; America just stumbled along,from crisis to crisis, until God sent us Roy Moore.

Then, the narrative has it, the people spurned Roy Moore when he rejected all written civil law and installed at the Alabama Supreme Court a one-ton block of stone. He got it from another anti-LGBT profiteer, D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, and inscribed on it the bits and bobs of the Bible only Roy Moore could hear.

Moore got booted from office that time. God, underlining the favor he shines on Roy Moore, sent him back to the court with divine inspirations to the voters of Alabama.

In his first at-bat, Moore fulminated against LGBT Americans day and night. He made a routine child custody case infamous by appending a 40-page concurring screed in which he called for the internment of LGBT Americans, and putting them "to the sword" to satisfy his and God's taste for vengeance, human sacrifice, and Cecil B. DeMille's sword-and-sandal epics.

(In a nice twist, God also smote D. James Kennedy with cancer. When D. James Kennedy expired, he was succeeded in his garish pulpit by Tullian Tchividjian- Franklin Graham's nephew. Tullian proved a perfect example of American male evangelicalism: he called down all the moral strictures of  a vengeful God on man, except the punishment for adultery. Caught, Tullian resigned to take a highly,-paid church development post and await God's call to return to his rightful place at the trough).

So now we know. Franklin Graham believes in the old-fashioned, stars and bars, John C. Calhoun Nullifiers' Club Version of the Constitution: the one America fought a civil war over.  He is a white nationalist with the all the lurid sexual fantasies ("man on dog", Senator Rick Santorum calls it) of that ilk. As Quentin Crisp once said, the Bible is, for Franklin Graham, what the law is for Roy Moore: "expediency, in a long white dress."

And Roy's Rock? It has been on tour across America since being expelled from the court building in Montgomery. A man drives it around and charges admission to see it at funeral monument conventions, feed lot sales, Pentecostal Halloween Hell Houses, high-end father-daughter sexual purity proms, and congresses of gravestone rubbers, who see it as their Vietnam War Memorial.

About to be term-limited out of office anyway, Moore will be ousted, and will launch his campaign for governor. The incumbent, Robert Bentley, is fighting off demands for his impeachment- over adultery.

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